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Do you have $sys$WeLoveMcCOL.exe related issues?
First check your registry for hidden errors.

Application Information - $sys$momomomochin
Description: Added by the WELOMOCH TROJAN!
File Name: $sys$WeLoveMcCOL.exe


This startup file is definitely not required - typically a virus, spyware, adware or resource hog. Further investigation and immediate action are strongly recommended. Perform a free system scan for more information.

Recommended Action

If you are expericing errors with $sys$momomomochin, be sure to run a full anti-virus scan, followed by a free check for Windows registry errors.

Further details will be added as more information is available on this entry.

Other Applications with same name
$sys$sonyTimer.exe ($sys$momomomochin)
$sys$sos$sys$.exe ($sys$momomomochin)

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