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Startup application names beginning with y

Application Name File Name
Y!TunnelBasic YTBasic.exe
Y!TunnelPro YTunnelPro.exe
Y!TunnelPro YTPro.exe
Y'z Shadow YzShadow.exe
Y'z Toolbar YzToolBar.exe
y1959sar sv711224030r.exe
y1959sar yesbron.com
Ya Salam NancyAjram.exe
YaAutoRepair yrepair.dll
yaemu.exe yaemu.exe
yahoo groups upgrdmgr.exe
Yahoo HP Reminder 1.1 yr.exe
yahoo inc. ypages.exe
Yahoo Instant Messengar YahooMsgr.exe
Yahoo Messenger Yahoomsg.exe
Yahoo Messenger YPager.exe
Yahoo Messenger svchost32.exe
Yahoo Messengger SCVHSOT.exe
Yahoo Messengger SSCVIHOST.exe
Yahoo Messengger RVHOST.exe
Yahoo Messengger regsvr.exe
Yahoo Messengger RVHIOST.exe
Yahoo Messengger SVICHOOST.exe
Yahoo Messengger IEXPLORER.exe
Yahoo Messengger SVICHHOST.exe
Yahoo Messengger winfiles.exe
Yahoo Messengger chrome.exe
Yahoo Messengger scvhosts.exe
Yahoo Messengger macfee_.exe
Yahoo Messengger system3_.exe
Yahoo Messengger SCVHOST.exe
Yahoo Messengger SCVVHSOT.exe
Yahoo Messengger SSCVIIHOST.exe
Yahoo Messengger SSVICHOSST.exe
Yahoo Messengger gphone.exe
Yahoo Messengger scvshosts.exe
Yahoo Messengger IEXPLORERS.exe
Yahoo Messengger SSVICSSHOST.exe
Yahoo Update Yahoo!.exe
Yahoo Update Yahoo.exe
Yahoo Updater Messenger.exe
yahoo! rundll32.exe [random]don.dll,Set
Yahoo! ethernet.exe
Yahoo! Friend YahooFriend.exe
Yahoo! Mail YMailAdvisor.exe
Yahoo! Messanger ymsngr32.exe
Yahoo! Messenger ypager.exe
Yahoo! Pager YAHOOM~1.EXE
Yahoo! Pager ypager.exe
Yahoo! Pager YahooMessenger.exe
Yahoo! Widget Engine YahooWidgetEngine.exe
Yahoo! Widgets YahooWidgets.exe
Yahoo2000 Anti.exe
Yahoo2000 Anti.exe
YahooMessenger YahooMessenger.exe
YahooMonitor YahooMonitor.exe
yahoomsgr Yahoomsngr.exe
YahooStock [path to file]
yahoo_toolbar lptt01 yahoo_toolbar.exe
yahoo_toolbar ml097e yahoo_toolbar.exe
YAMAHA AC-XG Power Utility yacpower.exe
YAMAHA DS-XG Launcher dslaunch.exe
Yankee Clipper III YankClip.exe
Yapta Tracker YaptaClient.exe
yay.exe asass.exe
YBrowser ybrwicon.exe
YCentral YahooCentral.exe
YCMMirag Application YCMMirage.exe
YCMMirage YCMMirage.exe
YDTMain.exe YDTMain.exe
yeahdude.exe hallowelt.exe
yemarvd sysmon.exe
YeppStudioAgent SamsungMediaStudioAgent.exe
YhooUapdates ymssmsgs.exe
YhooUpdates ymsmsgs.exe
ying ying.exe
ykemkfel jsuyaxatssd.exe
ylbrooht ygtowvqtssd.exe
YLive.exe Ylive.exe
YMailAdvisor YMailAdvisor.exe
ymetray ymetray.exe
ynavmrcd.exe ynavmrcd.exe
Yo Mamma Osama Installer osama.exe
YOP yop.exe
You've Got Pictures Screensaver ygpsstra.exe
YouCam YouCam.exe
YouCam Mirage YCMMirage.exe
YouCam Mirror Tray icon YouCamTray.exe
YouCam Tray YouCam.exe
YouCamTray YouCamTray.exe
Your Protection urpprot.exe
YourMP3 rundll32.exe MSA64CHK.dll,DllMostrar
YourPrivacyGuard GDC.exe
YOW tuner WatchPNM.exe
ypager ypager.exe
Ypager.exe ypager.exe
YPC ypc.exe
YSearchProtection SearchProtection.exe




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