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Startup application names beginning with x

Application Name File Name
Xpclient xpclient.exe
XPCMonitor XPCMonitor.exe
XPCPHOST Settings xpcphost.exe
XPdefender XPdefender.exe
XPGuard XP-Guard.exe
xpiupdate xpiupdate.exe
xPlanetControl xPlanetControl.exe
Xplay XPlay.exe
XPlay.exe XPlay.exe
Xplorer Xplorer.exe
Xplorer KHATRA.exe
Xpnet NetXp.exe
xpprotect xpdeluxe.exe
XPShield XP-Shield.exe
XPSoft CVDAsDW.exe
XPSP2 Firewall xpsp2fw.exe
xpsp2install xpsp2Update.exe
xpsp2Update xpsp2Update.exe
xpstart wini.exe
xpstat winlogins.exe
XPsys XPsys.exe
xpsystem services.exe
xpsystem MSXMIDI.EXE
xpsystem y.exe
xpupdate updates.exe
XpyBurner XpyBurner.exe
xp_system [filename]
xp_system services.exe
xp_system winlogon.exe
xrt_Shell xrt_****.exe
xrt_Shell xrt_brel.exe
xSafe xSafe.exe
XSC SIP Client X-Lite.exe
XSC SIP Client X-PRO-Vonage.exe
xserv [path to trojan]
XStop95 XStop95.exe
xswdmse [8 random letters].exe
xswin xswin.exe
XTCsgloader XTCsgloader.exe
xterm vagqsqs.exe
XTN Service Drivers winxtn.exe
XTNDConnect PC XCPCMenu.exe
XTNDConnect PC - 3CmPlm Autodet.exe
XTNDConnect PC - CasioOrg CasAgnt.exe
XTNDConnect PC - ErPhn2 ErTray.exe
XTNDConnect PC - LtNts4 NtsAgnt.exe
XTNDConnect PC - MyPalm MPTray.exe
XTNDConnect PC - PocketPC AutoDetect.exe
XTNDConnect PC - ScheduleSync SCHEDU~1.EXE
Xtray xtray_link.exe
XtreamLok License Manager xl.exe
Xtrem parental control pcx.exe
XTServiceUpdate XTServiceUpdate.exe
XtTb.exe XtTb.exe
xuio.exe xuio.exe
Xupiter Startup XupiterStartup.exe
XupiterCfgLoader BWCfgLoader.exe
XupiterCfgLoader XTCfgLoader.exe
xupiterstartup2003 xupiterstartup2003.exe
XupiterToolbarLoader XupiterToolbarLoader.exe
xv_ctrl v_ctrl.exe
xware xware.exe
xware cskware.exe
xxcm sys.exe
xxsrSrv32 xxsrsrv.exe
XXXmpeg XXXmpeg.exe
xxxvideo xxxvideo.exe
xy svhost32.exe
xzkadsfk10 afslkfasl10.exe
x[Number from 1 to 7] x[Number from 1 to 7].exe
x~{{dybel x~{{dy8%nsn




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