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Startup application names beginning with w

Application Name File Name
WG511WLU WG511WLU.exe
wgeax wgeax.exe
wgs3 wgs3.exe
WGWLocalManager WGWLocalManager.exe
WgwMngr WgwMngr.exe
whagent whagent.exe
what ever decom.exe
What Frenz FriendEQUALsuX.exe
WhatPulse WHATPU~1.EXE
WhatPulse WhatPulse.exe
WheelMouse 4DMAIN.EXE
WheelsMouse [path to trojan]
WhenUSave Save.exe
WhenUSearch Search.exe
WhenUSearchWHSE whse.exe
Whistler whismng.exe
Whitechix brightx.exe
WhitephonePersonal WhitePhonePersonal.exe
Whitney2_S2P Scan2pc.exe
WHITNEY2_XRX_S2P Scan2pc.exe
WhitneyXerox_S2P Scan2pc.exe
WHITNEY_S2P Scan2pc.exe
Whvlxd Whvlxd.exe
whxpin service [randomname].exe
wiascr wiascr.exe
WIAWizardMenu RUNDLL32.EXE sti_ci.dll, WiaCreateWizardMenu
widelink widelinke.exe
Widnows Xp Web scan xpscan.exe
wifeman wifeman.exe
Wifi Boot wifiboot.exe
Wifi Booter wifibooter.exe
Wifi Configuration wificonfig.exe
Wifi Configuration! wificonfigs.exe
Wifi Connection wificon.exe
Wifi Connection! wificonnect.exe
Wifi Debug wifidebug.exe
Wifi Loader wifiload.exe
Wifi Loader! wifiloader.exe
Wifi Setup wifisetup.exe
WiFix service [random filename]
Wiinamp [random].exe
WildFlics WildFlics.exe
WildTangent CDA RUNDLL32.exe cdaEngine0400.dll, cdaEngineMain
WildTangent Web Driver updater wcmdmgrl.exe
Wildwire Monitor WWMon.exe
Will I Ever anqbse.exe
Willow Road WillowRoad.exe
WillPolo WillPolo.vbs
wimpas wimpas.exe
win homesec.exe
win xwinxrpc32.exe
win xwinxrpc.exe
win regedit -s win.dll
WIN windows.exe
WIN ehshell.exe
Win Antispyware Center av.exe
Win Antivir 2008 Win Antivir 2008.exe
Win Antivirus 2008 Win Antivirus 2008.exe
Win Chimes winchi~1.exe
Win Comm WinComm.exe
Win Command command32.exe
Win Config winconfig.exe
Win CPU sysin.pif
win ctl app wuctl.exe
Win Defrag windfrag.exe
Win Defrag! windefrag.exe
Win Defrags defrag.exe
Win Drivers SSL hpws.exe
Win Drivers SSL TASKMAN4.exe
Win Drivers SSL32 hpwsnnsbc.exe
Win exe file managr crss.exe
Win FTP wintftp.exe
Win I5oahder [worm filename]
Win INI 32 msrp32.exe
Win l5oahder winampa.exe
Win leoahder winampa.exe
Win Login winlogin.exe
Win Microsoft 98 win14.exe
win name stat.exe
Win Net Wks32 netwks32.exe
Win Patch ntldr.exe
Win Patch patch.exe
Win Process Updates winupdates.exe
Win Prosess0r [random filename]
WIN prosessor16 [random filename].exe
Win Proxy32 Protocol bsvtem.exe
Win Secure Update [random filename]
Win Security winsecure.exe
Win Security msw32.pif
Win Security 360 WinSecurity360.exe
Win Server winserv.exe
Win Server Updt wupdt.exe
Win Server Updt winserver.exe
Win Server Updt pxckdla.exe
Win SSL SP2s.exe
Win startup mscfg32.exe
Win Startup WINCFG32.EXE




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