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Startup application names beginning with w

Application Name File Name
Windows Nivedia Driver sysMGT.exe
Windows NNT [path to trojan]
Windows NT twain.exe
Windows NT 32 ntlogin32.exe
Windows NT Login ntlogin32.exe
Windows NT Login Session Manager WNSM.EXE
Windows NT Logon Application winlogon.scr
Windows NT Service Name winshock.exe
Windows NT Service Name svchcst.exe
Windows NT Session Manager sess.exe
Windows NT Update Manager WINL0G0N.exe
Windows NTFS Volume Manage [6 random letters].exe
Windows OEM Tools winres32.exe
Windows Offical Netvvorks mywriter32.exe
Windows Office Monitor emdm.exe
Windows OLE Automation Server ole32aut.vbe
Windows Online Updater dllman.exe
Windows pack Control Center taskmam.exe
Windows Pc winmgr.exe
Windows PC Defender WP[random characters].exe
Windows PDG winpdg.exe
Windows Performance Monitor wmscupd.exe
Windows PNP winpnp.exe
Windows PNP Server pnpsrv.exe
Windows Pool Manager poolsc.exe
Windows Pool Setup poolmc.exe
Windows Population Logger winpo32.exe
Windows Portable Device Drivers MSKSVRVS.EXE
Windows Portable Devices MSKSVRTSS.EXE
Windows Print Monitor Daemon [random filename].exe
Windows Print Spooler SCVHOSTS.EXE
Windows Print Spooler SVEHOST.EXE
Windows Print Spooler NavAgent32.exe
Windows Printing Driver ciadvss.exe
Windows Printing Driver WinPrint.exe
Windows Printing Driver WinSpooler.exe
Windows Printing Driver gpedits.exe
Windows Printing Driver ciadvs.exe
Windows Process win_update.exe
Windows Process Manager winproc.exe
Windows Processe Manager mspn32.exe
Windows Proffesional Security WinSecure32.exe
Windows Protected Storage npssvc.exe
Windows Protection Suite WI[random characters].exe
Windows Protectot boxide.exe
Windows Recavery Adware lsass.exe
Windows Recovery Console recovery.exe
Windows Recylinder Check zwdomsgemw.exe
Windows Reg Services fservice.exe
Windows Reg Services ffservice.exe
Windows Reg Services lservice.exe
Windows Reg Services dservice.exe
Windows Reg Services ssservice.exe
Windows Reg Services lncom.exe
Windows Reg Services wservice.exe
Windows Register Settings svmhost.exe
Windows Registers winservicess.exe
Windows Registery Center svhchosts.exe
Windows Registry winhost.exe
Windows Registry msnmsg.exe
Windows Registry Cleaner winclean.exe
Windows Registry Control winreg.exe
Windows Registry DLL winregdll.exe
Windows Registry Express Loader regexpress.exe
Windows Registry Manager tasksmanagers.exe
Windows Registry Name winses.exe
Windows Registry Name [random filename]
Windows Registry Repair Pro RegistryRepairPro.exe
Windows Registry Scan timeupdate.exe
Windows Registry Scan regscan23.exe
Windows Registry Scan regscan32.exe
Windows Registry Scan svcdll.exe
Windows Registry Scan regscan.exe
Windows Registry Scan winmedia.exe
Windows Registry Security crss.exe
Windows Registry Services regserv.exe
Windows Registry Startup wind32.exe
Windows Registry XP winxptdl.exe
Windows Relay Service ipcbind.exe
Windows Relay Service irfnga.exe
Windows Remote Addressing wnpcgs.exe
Windows Remote Launcher wnpmcs.exe
Windows Repair toxikx.exe
Windows report swchost.exe
Windows Rescue System winsto.exe
Windows Resurections [path to trojan]
Windows Reverse Preperation winrvp.exe
Windows Reversed Virus Protection winrsvp.exe
windows run system.exe
Windows Run-Time 64bit win64rt.exe
Windows Rundll Center msnsmgr.exe
Windows Rundll Center msmsgrs.exe
Windows Running DLL Service rundll128.exe
Windows Running DLL Service rundll64.exe
Windows Runtime Help win32hlp.exe
Windows Runtime Help WinRunHelp.wrh
Windows Runtime Proccess 32RUNdll.exe
Windows SA omniscient.exe
Windows SafeAssist winlogon.exe




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