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Startup application names beginning with w

Application Name File Name
Windows Local Services tcpsvc.exe
Windows Local Services netsvc.exe
Windows Local Services svcadmin.exe
Windows Local Services svcrun.exe
Windows Local Services websvc.exe
Windows Local Spooler lssas.exe
Windows Locator wsass.exe
Windows Log Agent winlogon.exe
Windows Logger winlog.exe
Windows logging winlogd.exe
Windows logging asgasg.exe
Windows Logical Adapter wsrsvc.exe
Windows Logical Connection wcnsvc.exe
Windows Login lms.exe
Windows Login explored.exe
Windows Login winlog.exe
Windows Login login.exe
Windows Login msnmsgr.exe
Windows Login lmss.exe
Windows Login Folder winzep.exe
Windows Login Manager winlogin.exe
Windows Login Security winlogin.pif
Windows Login Service winlogin.pif
Windows Login Service winlog.exe
Windows Logon winlogin.exe
Windows Logon login.exe
Windows Logon winlogon.exe
Windows Logon Application winlogon.exe
Windows Logon Application logon.exe
Windows Logon Application services.exe
Windows Logon Application WinIogon.exe
Windows Logon Application winamp.exe
Windows Logon Application win32help.exe
Windows Logon Applicationedc winlogon.exe
Windows Logon Applicatonedc winlogon.exe
Windows Logon Manager logon.exe
Windows Logon Procedure Svchoste.exe
Windows Logon Procedure Svchosta.exe
windows logon procedure winlogonpc.exe
Windows Logon Service napi32.exe
Windows Logon Service winlogon.pif
Windows Logon Service micropoft.exe
Windows Logon Service winlogoservice.exe
Windows LoL Layer azypbrx.exe
Windows LoL Layer pyvnpt.exe
Windows LoL Layer win.exe
Windows LoL Layer blvpnmcny.exe
Windows LoL Layer [random filename].exe
Windows LoL Layer winlolx.exe
Windows LoL Layer gqwdcr.exe
Windows Lord Anti-Virus winlord32.exe
Windows Management Informant wmmiexe.exe
Windows Management Instrumentation mwd.exe
Windows Management Instrumentation [path to file]
Windows Management Instrumentations winmg.exe
Windows Manager winmants.exe
Windows Manager taskmgrs.exe
Windows Manager winsrv.exe
Windows Manager Control WINMUR32.EXE
Windows Manager Update Inc tgb.exe
Windows mangement winlogonn.exe
Windows Media AP winmapp.exe
Windows Media APP wmapp.exe
Windows Media Center RunDLL32.exe ehuihlp.dll,BootMediaCenter
Windows Media Center smss.exe
Windows Media Connect 2 WMCCFG.exe
Windows Media Driver msnger.exe
Windows Media Loader wmloader.exe
Windows Media Player msass43.exe
Windows Media Player vmmreg32.exe
Windows Media Player msa.exe
Windows Media Player wmplayerc.exe
Windows Media Player [random filename]
Windows Media Player wmediaplayer.exe
Windows Media Player mpupdata.exe
Windows Media Player wmplayer.exe
Windows Media Player MediaPIayer.exe
Windows Media Player mcafe32.exe
Windows Media Player 50cent.exe
Windows Media Player mpwe.exe
Windows Media Player msams.exe
Windows Media Player mcafeee.exe
Windows Media Player 3.6 wmpa36.exe
Windows Media Player 3.6b WMPA36B.EXE
Windows Media Player 3.6d wmpa36d.exe
Windows Media Player 3.9 wmpa36.exe
Windows Media Player 6.1.2 wmplayer612.exe
Windows Media Player Service wmedia.exe
Windows Media Player Update [random filename]
Windows Media Powerpoint Helper NSPPTHLP.EXE
Windows Media Server wmserv.exe
Windows Media Server! wmserver.exe
Windows media service crvss.exe
Windows media service crsss.exe
Windows media service Sygate32.exe
Windows media services cvrsss.exe
Windows Media SP.2.37 [random filename]
Windows Media Updater crease.exe
Windows Media Upgrade NeUpgrade.exe




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