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Startup application names beginning with v

Application Name File Name
Virtuele Katja VKatja.exe
Virus Mixa.exe
Virus Anti.exe
Virus Alarm VAlarm.exe
Virus Doctor Vdoc[random].exe
Virus Melt [path to executable]
Virus Protect vrsprtc.exe
Virus Protector [random].exe
Virus Removal Tool [path to trojan]
Virus Remover Profesional virusremover.exe
Virus Scan virscana.exe
Virus Shield 2009 VShield.exe
Virus Sweeper VSweep.exe
Virus-Burst Virus-Burst.exe
Virus-Bursters virus-bursters.exe
VirusBlast VirusBlast.exe
VirusBurst VirusBurst.exe
VirusBurster VirusBurster.exe
VirusBursters virusbursters.exe
virusbye virusbyeUpdater.exe
VirusCureMain VirusCure.exe
VirusDifesa pgs.exe
VirusEffaceur pgs.exe
VirusForsvar pgs.exe
VirusGarde pgs.exe
VirusGuardPlus pgs.exe
VirusHeal 3.7 VirusHeal 3.7.exe
VirusHeal 3.8 VirusHeal 3.8.exe
VirusHeal 3.9 VirusHeal 3.9.exe
VirusHeal 4.1 VirusHeal 4.1.exe
VirusHeat 3.9 VirusHeat 3.9.exe
VirusHeat 4.3 VirusHeat 4.3.exe
VirusHeat 4.4 VirusHeat 4.4.exe
VirusIsolator VirusIsolator
VirusIsolator.exe VirusIsolator.exe
VirusKeeper VirusKeeper.exe
VirusLocker VirusLocker.exe
VirusProtect 3.8 VirusProtect 3.8.exe
VirusProtect 3.9 VirusProtect 3.9.exe
VirusProtectPro 3.3 VirusProtectPro 3.3.exe
VirusProtectPro 3.4 VirusProtectPro 3.4.exe
VirusProtectPro 3.5 VirusProtectPro 3.5.exe
VirusProtectPro 3.6 VirusProtectPro 3.6.exe
VirusProtectPro 3.7 VirusProtectPro 3.7.exe
VirusRanger VirusRanger.exe
VirusRay 3.7 VirusRay.exe
VirusRay 3.8 VirusRay 3.8.exe
VirusRemover2008 VRM2008.exe
VirusRemover2009 VRM2009.exe
VirusRescue VirusRescue.exe
VirusResponseLab2009 VirusResponseLab2009.exe
VirusRL2009 VirusRL2009.exe
VirusScan Online mcvsshld.exe
VirusScanMSC VsStat.exe
VirusScanner mnsys.exe
VirusSchlacht pgs.exe
VirusSeigyo pgs.exe
VirusTriggerBin VirusTriggerBin.exe
VirusVakt pgs.exe
Virus_Scanner Virus_Cleaner.exe
visin visin.exe
ViSplore ViSplore.exe
Vista Start menu VistaStartMenu.exe
VistaDrive VistaDrive.exe
Vistadrv vsdrv.exe
VistaFirewallControl VistaFirewallControl.exe
ViStart ViStart.exe
ViStart - The Vista Start Menu ViStart.exe
Vistascan vistascan.exe
VistaStartMenu VistaStartMenu.exe
VistaUpgrade vista.exe
VistaUpgrade vistaupgrade.exe
Visual Element FX5 [various filenames]
VisualStudio msorunner.exe
VisualTaskTips VisualTaskTips.exe
VisualTooltip VisualToolTip.exe
ViSulaBaCis lsass.exe
VITAL BOOT PROCESS taskmnsgr.exe
Vital Load Process Spoolsvr.exe
Vital Master-boot DLL crsss.exe
VividGalut VividGalut.exe
vlc vlc.exe
vmcleaner gxlib.exe
VMConsole.exe VMConsole.exe
VMDFW vmdfw.exe
vmlib vmlib.exe
vmlib vmlib.exe
Vmlist apphelps.dll
Vmmon32 vmmon32.exe
vmnetdhcp vmnetdhcp.exe
VMount drive vmount.exe
VMSnap3 VMSnap3.EXE
vmss vmss.exe
vmtuner gclib.exe
vmtuner gglib.exe
VMware hptray hpmon.exe




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