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Startup application names beginning with s

Application Name File Name
S svhost.exe
S0undMan svch0st.exe
S24EvMon S24EvMon.exe
S3 Chip3 s3int.exe
S3 Internal s3chip4.exe
S3 Internal Chip s3serv.exe
S3 Internal Chip s3chip3.exe
S3apphk S3apphk.exe
S3Hotkey s3hotkey.exe
S3Mon S3Mon.exe
S3TRAY S3Tray.exe
s3tray2 s3tray2.exe
S3TRAYHP S3trayhp.exe
S3Trayp S3trayp.exe
S4F S4F.exe
s4helper s4helper.exe
s9201 as2008xp.exe
s9201 av2008xp.exe
s9201 wspwprtct.exe
s9201 asproxp.exe
SA Sa3.exe
SA Service SAservice.exe
Sa3dsrv Sa3dsrv.exe
saap saap.exe
Sabre Printing Start Sabstart.exe
Sabre Server sabserv.exe
Sabre Task Tray Icon Sabstart.exe
Sabreserver SABSERV.EXE
sac sac.exe
SACC sacc.exe
SAClient RegCon.exe
sacmemds smcntlwio.exe
sads sdsa.exe
Safe SafeWin.exe
Safe [path to trojan]
SafeFighter SafeFighter.exe
Safeguard 2009 sf2009.exe
SafeGuard Popup Blocker Updater regsvr32 sfgupd.dll
SafeGuard Popup Blocker Updater (required) regsvr32 sfg****.dll [* = ramdom char]
SafeGuard Popup Updater (required) regsvr32 PDF****.dll [* = random char]
SafeGuard Popup Updater (required) regsvr32 sfg****.dll [* = random char]
Safeguard.exe Safeguard.exe
SafeHardDrive SysRep.exe
SafeHouseSystemTray SDWTRAY.EXE
SafeInstall.exe SAFEIN~1.EXE
SafeOFF SafeOff.exe
SafePcAv SafePcAv.exe
SafePCTool SysRep.exe
SafePrivate SafePrivate.exe
SaferScan SaferScan.exe
SafeSearch safesearch.exe
SafeSpace SafeSpaceSysTray.exe
SafeStrip SafeStrip.exe
SafeStripReminder SafeStripReminder.exe
SafeSurfingUpdate SSUpdate.exe
SafeSys SafeSys.exe
Safety Anti-Spyware 3 Safety Anti-Spyware 3.exe
SafetyCenter protector.exe
SafetyKeeper SafetyKeeper.exe
SafetyNet ipcTray.exe
SafetyNet_Notifier ipcLn.exe
Safeworld Freedom.exe
Sagate Security Firewall sagate.exe
SAgent2ExePath SAgent2.exe
Saggwwgg CVAvwwd.exe
sagnt sagnt.exe
SAHagent Sahagent.exe
SAHBundle bundle.exe
SAHBundle shop1003.exe
saie saie.exe
saihoi saihoi.exe
SaiMfd SaiMfd.exe
SAIMON SaiMon.exe
sain sain.exe
sais sais.exe
SaiSmart SaiSmart.exe
SaitekAutoConfigure saicnfig.exe
Sakemsneql simenu.exe
Sakora Sakora.exe
SalaatTime SalaatTime.exe
Salestart PASmon.exe
Salestart dcpasmon.exe
Salestart strpmon.exe
Salestart stmon.exe
Salestart WAS7Mon.exe
Salestart startmon.exe
Salestart dcsm.exe
Salestart dcmon.exe
Salestart mav_startupmon.exe
Salestart mc.exe
Salestart bm.exe
Salestart stm.exe
salm salm.exe
Salmosa razerhid.exe
saly saly*****.exe
Sam-sung Sam-sung.exe
SAMcal SAMcal.exe
Sametime Connect Connect.exe




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