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Startup application names beginning with r

Application Name File Name
runwin32 runwin32.exe
RUNWIN32 runwin32.exe
RunWindowsUpdate uptodate.exe
runwinlogon winlogon.exe
Run_cd Run_cd.exe
run_pbnext PBNext.exe
Rupsw32 Rupsw32.exe
RUSBHOLoader rundll32.exe RUSBHOLoader.dll, AutoRegister
RVC6Player tskdbg.exe
RVCHOST.EXE Rvchost.exe
rvde N/A
RVP bpc.exe
rw service alg32.exe
rx rundll32.exe
rx explore.exe
RxMon rxmon9x.exe
rxres32 ati2vid.exe
RxUser RxUser.exe
ryan1918 servidevice.exe
rydanmxe.exe rydanmxe.exe
ryiixhp ryiixhp.exe
ryy rundl132.exe
rzt rundll32.exe
R_server r_server.exe
r_server service.exe
r_server r_server.exe




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