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Startup application names beginning with n

Application Name File Name
Norton Auto-Protect SERVICES.exe
Norton Auto-Protect ccApp.exe
Norton Auto-Protect navapw32.exe
Norton Auto-Protect ffbaqe.exe
Norton AV Preload Premend.exe
Norton AV Protection Startup Ati2xxx.exe
Norton Crashguard Monitor cgmenu.exe
Norton Disk Doctor Ndd32.exe
Norton Drive Protection msdt32.exe
Norton eMail Protect POPROXY.EXE
Norton Firewall [path to trojan]
Norton Ghost 10.0 GhostTray.exe
Norton Ghost 9.0 GhostTray.exe
Norton GProtect ngrfn.exe
Norton Guard 32 ntguard32.exe
Norton Live Update Server cpsdv.exe
Norton Live Updater Avapsvc.exe
Norton Live Updater Cavapsvc.exe
Norton Live Updater Sochost.exe
Norton Navigator Loader nnloader.exe
Norton Personal Firewall lah.exe
Norton Personal Firewall npfw32.exe
Norton Personal Firewall jah.exe
Norton Personal Firewall npfw.exe
Norton Personal Firewall npmsys.exe
Norton Personal Firewall IntroWiz.exe
Norton Personal Firewall winmpts.exe
Norton Program Scheduler nsched32.exe
Norton Program Scheduler NPSsvc.exe
Norton Program Scheduler Event Checker npscheck.exe
Norton protect nvsvc.exe
Norton Protect npprotect.exe
Norton Protect Activies csrss.exe
Norton Service Driver wsul.exe
Norton Service Process navapvc.exe
Norton Service Process navapsvc.exe
Norton SpySweeper AutoUpdate navsw.exe
Norton Start ccStart.exe
Norton System csrs.scr
Norton System Doctor Sysdoc32.exe
Norton SystemWorks cfgwiz.exe
Norton Update ccUpdate.exe
Norton Update winsvc.exe
Norton Update cUpdate.exe
Norton updated NVSV32.EXE
Norton Updater winset.exe
Norton Updater lsa.exe
Norton Updater NortonUpdate.exe
Norton Updater navupdtr.exe
Norton Updater ccUpdate.exe
Norton Wizzard nwiz.exe
norton32 norton32.exe
NortonAntivirus LSASS.exe
NortonAV norton_antivirus.exe
nortonav CCUPD32.EXE
nortonp nortonp.exe
Nortons AV SYSTEM scvchost.exe
Nortons AVS Systems arse.exe
nortonsantivirus ccEvtMngr.exe
NortonVPlus svchost.exe
noskrnl noskrnl.exe
Notebook Maximizer maximizer_startup.exe
NotebookHardwareControl nhc.exe
NotebookManager nbm.exe
NoteBurner VTBurnerGUI.exe
notepad rundll32.exe ntload.dll,_IWMPEvents@0
NotePad [worm filename]
notepad rundll32.exe notepad.dll,_NtLoad@0
Notepad ntoepad.exe
notepad rundll32.exe notepad.dll,_IWMPEvents@0
Notepad lptt01 notepad.exe
Notepad ml097e notepad.exe
notepad.exe upx.exe
notepad.exe msmsgs.exe
notepad2.exe popuper.exe
notes notepaad.exe
NotFaut flxper.exe
NoticeP.exe NoticeP.exe
Notification Utility altpayV2.exe
Notn wtta.exe
Notn Eber.exe
NovaBackup * Tray Control NbkCtrl.exe
NovaPortal Single User Service NPSU.exe
NovastorSchedulerd SCHENGD.EXE
novavapp ccsmn.exe
novavappr ccsrr.exe
novsvida.exe novsvida.exe
NoWayVirus pgs.exe
Nowe Gadu-Gadu gg.exe
NOYPI_KANG_ASTIG Exit to DosPrompt.pif
np upnp.exe
NPDTray NPDTray.exe
NPFMonitor NPFMntor.exe
npkmnc npkmnc.exe
NPROTECT nprotect.exe
NPS Event Checker npscheck.exe
NS ns.exe
nscntrl nscntrl.exe




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