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Startup application names beginning with k

Application Name File Name
Kernel bboy.exe
Kernel system.vbs
Kernel Update.exe
kernel kernel.exe
Kernel and Hardware Abstraction Layer KHALMNPR.EXE
Kernel Faults ftphost.exe
Kernel Loader ntkrnl.exe
Kernel Manager krnlmgr.exe
Kernel Safe Mode smss.exe
Kernel Services service32.exe
kernel system daemon ACTIVAT0R.exe
kernel12.exe kernel12.exe
Kernel32 krnl32.exe
kernel32 kernel32.dll.vbs
Kernel32 kernel32s.exe
kernel32 kern32.exe
Kernel32 Kernel32.exe
kernel32 kernel.dli
Kernel32 Kernel.dll
kernel32 kernel32.dlI
Kernel32 Kernel32.win
Kernel32 svchosts.exe
Kernel32 svchost.exe
kernel32dll guardpc.exe
kernel32sys.dll IEXPLORER.exe
Kernel32_sysdamper sysdamp.exe
kernel44.dll taskkill /f /fi "PID ge 0" /im *
KernelCheck winser.exe
KernelCheck sys****.exe [* = digit]
KernelConfig destiny32.exe
KernelFaultCheck ptool32.exe
kernelfaultcheck dumprep 0 -k
KernelFaultCheck msime.exe
KernelFaultCheck tell32.exe
KernelFaultCheck winabc3.exe
KernelFaultCheck winbin.exe
KernelFaultChk sms.exe
Kernell systems.exe
Kernell32 Kernell.dll
KernellApps csrss.exe
KernellApps svshosti.exe
KernellApps lexplore.exe
KernellApps32 smss.exe
KernelRuntime [path to worm]
Kernelw Kernelw32.exe
Kernel_check wmiprvse.exe
key sysxp.exe
key sys_xp.exe
key winxp.exe
Key Logger csrss.exe
Key Text KeyText.exe
Key1 Rlid.exe
Key2 serve.exe
key2 winlog.exe
KeyAccess keyacc32.exe
Keybdcntl keybdcntl.exe
KeybdUtility HotKey.exe
keyboard kybrdef_7.exe
KeyBoard Keyboard.exe
keyboard [path to trojan]
keyboard keyboard*.exe [* = number]
Keyboard lsass.exe
Keyboard Customizer TpKmapAp.exe
Keyboard Lauchpad Keys.exe
Keyboard Logger Logger.exe
Keyboard Manager MMKeybd.exe
Keyboard Preload Check Preload.exe
Keyboard Status KeyStat.exe
keyboard_enum keyboard_enum.exe
keyhook keyhook.exe
KeyLogger syssafe.exe
KeyMaestro kmaestro.exe
keymap keymap.exe
keymgrldr rundll32 setupapi, InstallHinfSection... keymgr3.inf
KeyPatrol KeyPatrol.exe
keyplusplus startk.exe
keyserv keyserv.exe
Keyspan Digital Media Remote KDMRdmn.exe
keystroke keystroke.exe
KeyWallet KWallet.exe
Kf3pn4 myclient.exe
kfienq masbl.bat
kgjdi27 kgjdie27.exe
Kgjg rnnypbw.exe
khooker khooker.exe
Kiamat Sudah Dekat_16_04 ISASS.exe
Kill Popup KillPopup.exe
KillAndClean KillAndClean.exe
kimochiz.exe kimochiz.exe
Kinberlink Kinberlink.exe
king_jp jpking.exe
king_mg mgking.exe
Kinofilmoff.Net Reklamer.exe
kis avp.exe
kiss pingy.exe
KIT3 hpprintqueue.exe




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