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Startup application names beginning with c

Application Name File Name
c c:\archiv~1\win.com
C-Media Echo Control EchoCtrl.exe
C-Media Mixer Mixer.exe
c32cs2 c32cs2.exe
C7 [path to worm]
C:\Program Files\dfjdkjfdkjfldjf\dfjdkjfdkjfldjf\winlogin.exe CritProc.exe
C:\Program Files\NetMeter\NetMeter.exe NetMeter.exe
C:\WINDOWS\asam.exe asam.exe
C:\WINDOWS\system32\SetupCmd.exe SetupCmd.exe
C:\WINDOWS\WinTask.exe WinTask.exe
CA-AMAgent amagent.exe
CaAvTray CAVTray.exe
Cabchk Cabchk.exe
Cabchk32 Cabchk32.exe
CABCInstall CABCInstall.exe
Cable Modem Adapter WindowsSec.exe
CacheBoost trayicon.exe
CacheLoader [path to trojan]
Cacheman Cacheman.exe
CacheMgr CacheMgr.exe
CacheSentry Pro CacheSentry Pro.exe
CACStarter cacstart.exe
Caddais BackupOnDemand BODMon.exe
Cadenza CdzSvc.exe
CADS cads.exe
CafeStation CafeStation.exe
cafwc cafw.exe
CAgent CAgent.exe
cAgOu [filename].hta
CahootWebcard CahootWebcard.exe
caidiysetup diynetsetupuni.exe
CAISafe isafe.exe
CaISSDT caissdt.exe
Cal Reminder Shortcut calrem.exe
calc rundll32.exe [path] ntuser.dll,_IWMPEvents@0
calc rundll32.exe calc.dll,_IWMPEvents@0
Calc Microsoft Windows wincalc.exe
CalcScience cscientist.exe
Calendar Calendar.exe
Calendar 200X Monitor calmonitor.exe
Calendar 200X Reminder calendar.exe
Calendar Monitor calmonitor
Calendarscope cs.exe
calk calk.exe
Call Function System32 sddriver.exe
Call32 Call32.exe
CallBumping cbpopw.exe
CallCenter Main Application V3calmcp.exe
CallCenter Printer Interface V3faxecp.exe
CallControl ftctrl32.exe
calmonitor calmonitor
calmonitor calmonitor.exe
CamCheck CamCheck.exe
Cameno Cameno.exe
Camera Assistant Software traybar.exe
Camera Detector DEVDET~*.EXE
Camera Detector CAMDET~*.EXE
Camera Detector Camdetect.exe
CameraApplicationLauncher CameraApplicationLaunchpadLauncher.exe
CameraAssistant CameraAssistant.exe
Camio Viewer x IXApplet.exe
CamMonitor hpqcmon.exe
CamWizard CamWizrd.exe
Canada Canada.exe
Canary canary-std.exe
candy command32.exe
candynet Taskmsg.exe
CANoe CANoe32.exe
Canon MultiPASS Status Monitor monitr32.exe
Canon PC1200 iC D600 iR1200G Status Window CAPM1LAK.EXE
Canon Printer Monitor BJCxxx Cjstlst.exe
CanonMyPrinter BJMyPrt.exe
CanonSolutionMenu CNSLMAIN.exe
capfasem capfasem.exe
Capfax capfax.exe
capfupgrade capfupgrade.exe
CAPing CAPing.exe
Capon Caponn.exe
Capon Capon.exe
Captcha7 rundll captcha.dll
CaptionMgr32 crssr.exe
capture capture.exe
Capture Express 2000 capexp.exe
CaptureAssistant CaptureAssistant.exe
CaptureBat Capture.exe
Carbonite Backup CarboniteUI.exe
Card Monitor REGCNT09.exe
CardScan AutoSync CSyncCfg.exe
Care20 Care20.exe
Care2GTU Care2GTU.exe
carpserv carpserv.exe
CARPserver CARPserver.exe
CARPservice carpserv.exe
cartao cartao.exe
cartao [path to file]
cartao conflicted.exe




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