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Startup application names beginning with a

Application Name File Name
Add**32.exe [* = random char] Add**32.exe [* = random char]
AddClass AddClass.exe
AddClass [Installation_Path]
AddClass [path to trojan]
AdDelete AdDelete.exe
AdDestroyer AdDestroyer.exe
Additional Guard WI[random characters].exe
ADDITIONAL Services pkgadd.exe
addproxy addproxy.exe
AddrPlus3 [path] stup.exe [path] Adplus.dll Rundll32
ADGJdet ADGJDet.exe
adi CleanUp CleanUp.exe
adi DSndUp DSndUp.exe
aDir adirss.exe
Adiras Adiras.exe
adirka adirka.exe
AdKiller AD Defender.exe
adlhidp psncc32.exe
ADM Library Loader admlib32.exe
Admanager Controller AdManCtl.exe
Admilli Service AdmilliServ.exe
Administrator winlogon.exe
Administrator svchost.scr
Administrator di Dago Dago.exe
AdminSoft sysfile.vbs
ADMTray.exe admtray.exe
Adobe zteam.exe
Adobe sysconfig.exe
Adobe Adobe.exe
adobe gam.exe
Adobe sysbat32.exe
Adobe Acrobat READER~1.EXE
Adobe Acrobat Reader_sl.exe
Adobe Acrobat Distiller Application acrotray.exe
Adobe Acrobat Reader CFG [random filename]
Adobe Acrobat Speed Launcher acrobat_sl.exe
Adobe Acrobat Synchronizer AdobeCollabSync.exe
Adobe ARM AdobeARM.exe
Adobe Filter Platform afilterplatform.exe
Adobe Flash Player AdobeFP.exe
Adobe Gamma Loader Adobe Gamma Loader.exe
Adobe Gamma Loader.exe Adobe Gamma Loader.exe
Adobe Photo Downloader apdproxy.exe
Adobe Reader Speed Launch reader_sl.exe
Adobe Reader Speed Launch Reader_sl.exe
Adobe Reader Speed Launch READER~1.EXE
Adobe Reader Speed Launcher Reader_sl.exe
Adobe Reader Speed Launcher reader_sl.exe
Adobe Reader Synchronizer AdobeCollabSync.exe
Adobe Reader Updaters AdobeAMC.exe
Adobe Reader32 Acrord32.exe
Adobe Version Cue CS2 VersionCueCS2Tray.exe
AdobeA adobes.exe
AdobeAAMUpdater-1.0 UpdaterStartupUtility.exe
AdobeARM AdobeARM.exe
AdobeARMS AdobeARMS.exe
AdobeFonts fonts.hta
AdobeManager rundtl.exe
adobemgr adobemgr.exe
AdobeReader msni.exe
AdobeReaderPro lssas.exe
AdobeReaderPro spoolss.exe
AdobeReaderPro msnserve.exe
AdobeReaderPro lxlfsprrj.exe
AdobeReaderPro ntkernell32.exe
AdobeReaderPro msnservex.exe
AdobeReaderPro subset.exe
AdobeReaderPro cbdzfrsl.exe
AdobeReaderPro updt.exe
AdobeReaderPro chkdisk.exe
AdobeReaderPro msnsrcdv.exe
AdobeReaderPro winini.exe
AdobeReaderPro rruxdkf.exe
AdobeReaderPro msnxpsp.exe
AdobeReaderPro service.exe
AdobeReaderPro rvdjlefr.exe
AdobeReaderPro winslog.exe
AdobeReaderPro svxhost.exe
AdobeReaderProfessional msx64.exe
AdobeReaderPros sysmsn.exe
Adobes Updates ddosw.exe
AdobeUpdate Wininet.exe
AdobeUpdater AdobeUpdater.exe
AdobeVersionCue VersionCueTray.exe
Adobe_Reader acrotray.exe
Adobe_RLX ccwap.exe
adodemaster adodemaster.exe
Adope File Manager lsasv.exe
adp adp.exe
AdPopup dcf5678.exe
adprot adprot.exe
ADQuickAccess Adtray.exe
ADriver windrv.exe
AdRoarUpdate ARUpdate.exe
AdRotator.Application [path to csrss.exe]
AdRotator.Application services.exe
ADS Adware Remover ADS Adware Remover.exe
AdsAlert AdsAlert.exe




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