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Startup file names beginning with w

File Name Application Name
wkcalrem.exe Microsoft® Works 8
wkdetect.exe Microsoft Works Update Detection
WkDetect.exe WkDetect
wkfix.exe Microsoft Update
wkfix.exe Internet2 Optimizer
wkfud.exe wkfud
wkfud.exe WorksFUD
wkfxi.js stmha
wkmst.exe *windows update
wks.exe Windows32KernelStart
WksSb.exe Microsoft Works Portfolio
WksSb.exe WksSb
wkssr.exe Microsoft dll Host Service
wkssvc.exe Windows Console
wkssvc.exe Windows Workstation Service
wkssvc32.exe Windows Workstation Service (32-bits)
wkssvr.exe Microsoft Updates
wkssvr.exe Windows Kernel System Service
wkssvr.exe MSN
wkssvr1.exe Windows WKS Services
wkssvrs.exe Microsoft Updates
wkssvrs.exe MSN
wkstmg.exe IE6
wksvcsc.exe Windows UDP Control Center
wksvcsc.exe Windows UDP Control Services
wksvr.exe MSN
WkUFind.exe WkUFind
WkUFind.exe Microsoft Works Update Detection
wkzfn.exe Mgsgi service
wlan111t.exe NETGEAR WG111T Smart Wizard
wlancfg.exe wlancfg
wlancfg5.exe wlancfg5
wlangui.exe AVMWlanClient
WLANManager.exe WLAN Manager
WLANMON.exe D-Link AirPlus DWL-650+ Utility
WLANmon.exe Blitzz BWI715
WLANSTA.EXE WLAN Status Tray Applet
wlanutil.exe Configuration Utility
WLAN_Cfg.exe WLAN_Cfg.exe
wlimyc.exe Microsoft Update Machine
WLiveCD.exe WLiveCD.exe
wlivemsg.exe Windows Live Msgs
wlivemsgs.exe Windows Live Msgs!
wllivemsngr.exe Windows Live Messenger Addon
wllmsngr.exe Live Messanger
wlmsngr.exe Windows live Support
wlogf.exe Wnsck2 driver
wlsass.exe wlsass
WLTRAY Dell Wireless Manager UI
wltray.exe Broadcom Wireless Manager UI
wltray.exe wltray
wltray.exe wltray.exe
Wm24Pan.Exe Wm24Pan
wm95.exe Workstation Scheduler
wmanage.exe WinManage
wmapp.exe Windows Media APP
wmbem.exe WinUpdate
WMCCFG.exe Windows Media Connect 2
wmdc.exe Windows Mobile Device Center
wmdc.exe Windows Mobile-based device management
wmdc.exe Microsoft® Windows Mobile® Device Center
wmdsvc.exe Windows Messenger Connect
wmdSync.exe Windows Mobile-based device management
wmedia.exe Microsoft Synchronization Manager
wmedia.exe Windows Media Player Service
wmedia16.exe Shell
wmedia32.exe Shell
wmedia32.exe WMedia32
wmediaplayer.exe Windows Media Player
wmediautil.exe Windows Media Utility
WMENCAGT.EXE Encoder Agent
wmev.exe MSN
wmexe.exe winmodem
wmgrdf.exe Microsoft File Demand Manager
wmiadapi.exe AutoDiscovery/AutoPurge (ADAP) Service
wmiapi.exe WMI Application Interface
wmiapsrvs.exe WMI Performance Adapter Services
wmiexe.exe WMIEXE.exe
wmilib32.exe NAV Agent
wmimgmt.exe wmi32
wmimgr.exe LoadPFW
Wminf.exe Wminf
Wminfo.exe Wminfo
wmipcvse.exe Microsoft Update Process
wmiprevse.exe wmiprevse
wmiprv.exe wmiprv
wmiprvce.exe Security Update Service
wmiprvre.exe Microsoft Update Service
wmiprvsa.exe System Update Service
wmiprvsc.exe File System Service
wmiprvsc.exe Windows Update Process
wmiprvse.exe Kernel_check
wmiprvse.exe winmgmt
wmiprvse.exe scApp
wmiprvse32.exe Windows Update Service
wmiprvsv.exe System Update Service
wmiprvsw.exe System Updater Service




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