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Startup file names beginning with s

File Name Application Name
SoftSafeness.exe SoftSafeness
SoftSoldier.exe SoftSoldier
SoftStronghold.exe SoftStronghold
softstrt.exe SoftStuff Wallpaper Changer
SoftVeteran.exe SoftVeteran
software.exe Software
sointgr.exe SO5 Integrator Pass One
sointgr.exe SO5 Integrator Pass Two
sokscmpn.exe CHIPDRIVEPinManager
solari.exe Msconfige
solidcapture.exe SolidCapture
SolidKeyLogger.exe Solid Key Logger
Solocfg.exe SoloSchedule
Solosent.exe Solo Sentry
somatic.exe somatic
son.exe msn.exe
SonnReg.exe SonnReg
SonnReg.exe E-Color Registration
SonudMan.exe SonudMan
SonudMon.exe SonudMon
SonyTray.exe Image Transfer
SonyTray.exe Picture Package Menu
sophagnt.exe sophagnt
sory.exe REGRUN
SoSyncMonitor.exe SoSyncMonitor
soun.pif SOUNDMAN Microsoft Help
Sound.exe Microsoft Server Application
sound.exe Windows Sound Manager
Sound.exe Sound.exe Espanha
sound32.exe Microsoft Sound Driver
SOUND32.EXE Sound services
sound64.exe [various names]
soundblaster.exe Micr Update
Soundcane.exe Logitech Camera
soundconf.exe Configuration Loader
soundcontrl.exe soundcontrl
sounddr.exe Compaq Sound Drivers For WINDOWS
sounddrivers.exe Microsoft Windows Sound Drivers
Sounddrv.exe Windows Stand Sound Drivers
Soundman.exe SISSoundman
soundman.exe Microsoft Sounds
soundman.exe SoundMan
SOUNDMAN.EXE Realtek HD Sound Manager
SoundMAX.exe SoundMAX
soundmax.exe SoundMAX
Soundmax.exe SoundMax
soundmix.exe soundmix
Soundmx.exe Soundmx
Sounds.exe MotherBoard Sounds
Soundsyst.exe Microsoft Intrenet Explorer
soundtask.exe soundtask
soundtasks.exe soundtasks
soundtctrls.exe soundtctrls
soundvol32.exe Microsoft
sounofts.exe sounofts
sountaskmgr sountskmanager
SP TimeSync.exe SP TimeSync
sp.reg sp
Sp0.exe nwss
SP00ISS.exe Windows Update Service
Sp00lsv.exe SP00LSV
SP00LSV.EXE huigezi
SP00Lsv32.pif (L4r1$$4) (4nt1) (V1ruz)
sp00lvs.exe SVCH0TS
SP2 UPDATE.exe Firewall
SP2.exe Microsoft Update Machine
sp2.exe Fdr Command Module
sp2.exe WindowsSp2
sp2chk.exe sp2chk.exe
SP2ConnPatcher.exe SP2 Connection Patcher
sp2ctr.exe sp2ctr
sp2fix.exe Microsoft Security Management
sp2fwxp.exe sp2fwxp
SP2s.exe Win SSL
sp2svc.exe sp2svc
sp2update.exe sdfsdfsdf
Sp2update.exe Windows SP2 Update
sp2update.exe sp2update
sp2vc.exe Microsoft (R) Windows Network Latency Controller
sp2winfix.exe WINTASKMGR
sp2XPupdate.exe Winsock32driver
sp32.dll Win386
sp3fixer.exe Microsoft Updates 5 USB
SpaceMan.exe GBSpaceMan
spain.exe Negative
spamihilator.exe spamihilator
spamkiller.exe MSKExe
SpamMonitor.Exe Spam Monitor
SpamMonitor.Exe SpamMonitor Application
SpamMonitor.Exe SpamMonitor
spampal.exe SpamPal
SpamSleuth.exe Spam Sleuth
SpamSub.exe spamsubtract
SpamSubtract.exe SpamSubtract
spamsvc.exe Anti Spam Service
SpareBackup.exe Spare Backup
Spark.exe Spark




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