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Startup file names beginning with r

File Name Application Name
rinsv.exe Random Interface Network Manager
riomgr.exe Riorad Manager
rIOPHosIs.vBS rIOphosIs
RivaTuner.exe RivaTuner
RivaTuner.exe RivaTunerStartupDaemon
RivaTuner.exe RivaTuner Application
RivaTunerWrapper.exe RivaTuner
RivaTunerWrapper.exe RivaTunerWrapper Application
RivaTunerWrapper.exe RivaTunerStartupDaemon
rk.exe OSS
rkbuouoxfl.exe WindowsRegKey update
rkgnd.exe 65438761234587528
RKLauncher.exe RK Launcher
Rlid.exe Key1
rlvknlg.exe OSS
rlvknlg.exe RelevantKnowledge
rmasvc.exe Remote Storage Access
rmbsvc.exe Windows Terminal Manager
rmctrl.exe RemoteControl
rmctrl.exe rmctrl
rmizjgz.exe Windows Service Agccnt
RmRemote.exe RMremote
RMSysTry.exe Extender Resource Monitor
RMTray.exe Desktop Maestro Vista Tray
RMTray.exe DesktopMaestro
RMTray.exe RegistryMechanic
RMTray.exe Registry Mechanic Vista Tray
Rnaap.exe DialUp Network Application
rnaapp.exe Remote Access
rnathchk.exe RealPlayer Ath Check
rncr.exe Usrr
rnd32.exe file laoder configuration
rndll.exe Firevall Administrating
rndll2.exe rndll2
rnll32.exe setupdata
rnnypbw.exe Kgjg
rnsys.exe Zonesoft Cleaner
rnwabmig.exe rnwabmig
rnxntup.exe hhtnsn
rnxntup.exe sjduwiwx
rnxntup.exe xmnfuruwk
rnxntup.exe xibquxs
rnxqh.exe rnxqh
RoboFormWatcher.exe RoboFormWatcher
RoboTaskBarIcon.exe RoboForm
RocketDock.exe RocketDock
RocketTime.exe Rocket.Time
RogueRemoverPRO.exe RogueMonitor
RogueRemoverPRO.exe RogueRemoverPRO
RogueRemoverPRO.exe Malwarebytes' RogueRemover PRO
RollbackTray.exe Rollback
rookie.vbs rundll32
Root.exe DevicePath
Root.exe MediaPath
Root.exe Rundll32.exe
rootsvc32.exe Root System Service
roses.exe Registry Value Name
RosTika.exe RosTika
router.exe Microsoft Router Manager
Router.exe Router
RouterClient.exe CryptLoad
RoxAssist.exe RoxAssist
RoxAssist.exe Easy CD Creator
RoxWatchTray.exe RoxWatchTray
RoxWatchTray10.exe RoxWatchTray
RoxWatchTray10.exe RoxWatchTray10
RoxWatchTray9.exe CommonSDK
RoxWatchTray9.exe RoxWatchTray
RoxWatchTray9.exe RoxWatchTray9
royale.exe startkey
rp32.exe RP32
rpc.exe Remote Procedure Call For Windows 32bit
rpcall.exe RPC Drivers
rpcc.exe rpcc
rpcc.exe WindowsHive
rpcda.exe rpcda Win32
rpcfix.exe Config Loader
rpchost.exe Generic Host Process for Win32 Service
rpclient.exe roketpipe
rpcmon.exe Sysmon
rpcss.exe RPCSS.exe
rpcxcmod.exe System Setup
rpcxctx.exe MSVsmt
rpcxmn32.exe WSAConfiguration
rpcxsocsa.exe Social Security Agency
rpcxuisu.exe UserInit StartUp
rpcxWindows.exe Microsoft Windows Secure Server
rpcxwinex.exe RpcxWindows Extensions
rpcxwinupdt.exe Microsoft Windows Secure Update
RPC[RANDOM CHARACTERS].exe windowsupdate
rpen.exe Usrr
rpgsvc.exe Remote Access Monitor
RPS.exe ntl Netguard
Rpsserv32.exe RPSP
RRAM.exe ReleaseRAM
rregsvr32.exe ctasio.dll AsioThk32Reg
rrmedic.exe RRMedic
rrpcsb.exe Rapid Restore
rrup.exe Osus




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