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Startup file names beginning with r

File Name Application Name
relaunch.exe Launcher
reload.exe Reload
reload.vbs reload
reloc32.exe Memory relocation service
Remhelp.exe RemHelp
remin.exe B.Reader
Remind32.exe Corel Registration
Remind32.exe Hewlett Packard Recorder
Remind32.exe HP-Aio Flight
remind32.exe Reminder-cpqXXXXX
remind32.exe Reminder-hpcXXXXX
remind32.exe Reminder-ranXXXXX
remind32.exe reminder-ScanSoft Product Registration
Remind32.exe Corel Registration Reminder
reminder.exe @loha
reminder.exe Instant Update Center
Reminder.exe Kana Reminder
reminder.exe Reminder
Reminder.exe Acer Tour Reminder
Reminder.exe PC Pitstop Optimize Reminder
Reminder.exe PitFrame Module
Reminder.exe Reminder
Reminder.exe Reminder
Reminder.exe PCPitstop Registration Reminder
reminder.exe CreateCD_Reminder
Reminder_MUI.exe Reminder_MUI
RemindMe.exe RemindMe
Remind_XP.exe Reminder
Remind_XP.exe Remind_XP
remote master.exe remote master
remote.cmd hotdlll
remote.cmd java
remote.exe Winshell
Remote.exe TvrRemote
Remote.exe Remote
RemoteAgent.exe Remote_Agent
remotehost.pif Sistray32
remoterm.exe PCTVRemote
Removecpl.exe Removecpl
Removed.exe Removed.exe
removeit.exe RemoveIT Pro XT
Removeme.exe Zonealarm
Remove_spyware.exe Spyware remover
rempss.exe Windows Update 32
remstart.exe RemStart
Remupd.exe Agente
Reosmsngr.exe MSN Messenger
RepairRegistryPro.exe Repair Registry Pro
RePEAtLD.exe LAsIAf32
repl.exe repl
ReplayRadio.exe Replay Center
RepliGoMon.exe RepliGo Assistant
requester.*.exe requester
requester.11.exe Requester
ResChanger2004.exe ResChanger2004
Residence.exe Picture Package VCD Maker
resmsvc.exe Remote Event System
RESpyWare.exe RESpyWare.exe
Rest In Peace LoadService
restore.exe Restore
restore3.exe SvcManager
restorecrashwin32.bat crash0001
RestoreDesktop.exe RestoreDesktop
restorer32_a.exe restorer32_a
restorer64_a.exe restorer64_a
restory.exe restory
restun.exe resagnt
resumefix.exe ResumeFixClocks
resvs.exe Registry Service
RESWIN.EXE Mania Win Restore
resx.exe Systam13
retadpu.exe runner1
retadpu[random digits].exe runner1
retime.exe retime
retrieverscheduler.exe RetrieverScheduler
RetroExpress.exe RetroExpress
revo.exe revo
revo.exe kmmsoft
RevoTask.exe RevoTaskbarApp
rexsymon.exe RexSyMon
rfagent.exe rfagent
rfkampig.exe Windows-TCP-IP
RFManager.exe RegiFast
RFTRay.exe Reality Fusion GameCam SE
RFTRay.exe RFTray
Rfw.exe rfw
rfwmain.exe RfwMain
rfwydg.exe rfwydg
Rg2catbd.exe Rg2catbd
rge.exe Windows ASN Service
RH.DLL Recommended Hotfix - {0421701D-CF13-4E70-ADF0-45A953E7CB8B}
rh32.exe RH
RhinoBlocker.exe RhinoBlocker
Rhost32.exe Microsoft IT Update
rhost32.exe Microsoft Windows Update
RHPTray.exe RHPTray
ribiva.exe Comcast Network
richup.exe richup
rieysha.exe rieysha
RIMAutoUpdate.exe BlackBerryAutoUpdate




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