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Startup file names beginning with r

File Name Application Name
RegistryController.exe PDF6 Registry Controller
registrydoctor.exe RegistryDoctor2008
registryfix.exe RegistryFix.exe
RegistryGreat.exe RegistryGreat.exe
RegistryManage.exe Register Manager
RegistryReminder.exe run=
RegistryRepairPro.exe Windows Registry Repair Pro
RegistrySweeperPro.exe Regman
REGIST~1.EXE RegisterDropHandler
RegKey.exe Mircrosoft Technic Help
RegKillTray.exe RegKillTray
regload16.exe CheckScan32
regloadr.exe Registry Loader
regmaping.exe Regmonitor
RegMech.exe RegistryMechanic
RegMech.exe Registry Mechanic
RegMech.exe RegMech
regmon.exe Registry Monitor
regperf.exe wininet.dll
RegPowerClean.exe RegPowerClean
Regprot.exe RegProt
regprotect.exe Registry Protector
Regrun.exe Registry Checker
regs32.exe Windows Services Agant
Regscan.exe RegScan
regscan.exe Windows Registry Scan
regscan23.exe Windows Registry Scan
regscan32.exe Windows Registry Scan
regscanr.exe Registry Scanner
regscanr.exe Regscan
regscr32.exe Server Registry
regscv.exe Windows Update Service
regserv.exe WindowsUpdateR
regserv.exe Registry Server
regserv.exe Windows Registry Services
regserve.exe RegServer
regservices.exe regservices.exe
regshave.exe RegShave
regsrv.exe regsrv
Regsrv.exe System Profile
Regsrv32.com [executed file name]
Regsrv32.com REGEDIT
regsrv32.exe Registry Server
REGSRV32.EXE Registry Service
REGSRV32.EXE Reg Service
regsrv32.exe Server Registry
RegSrv64D.exE RegSrv64D
regsrvc.exe regsrvc
regsv.exe Regsv
regsv.exe Regsvc
regsvc.exe Registry Service
regsvc32.exe MSRegSvc
regsvc32.exe regsvc32
regsvc32.exe Generic Service Process
regsvc32.exe Generic Services Process
regsvc32.exe Task Commander
regsvr.exe regsvr
regsvr.exe DHCP Server
regsvr.exe Registry Serv
regsvr.exe Msn Messsenger
regsvr.exe Yahoo Messengger
regsvr32 /s mqrt.dll MsmqIntCert
regsvr32 image.dll uninstal
regsvr32 kdp****.dll [* = random char] Kazaa Download Accelerator Updater (required)
regsvr32 PDF****.dll [* = random char] SafeGuard Popup Updater (required)
regsvr32 pdfupd.dll Popup Defence Updater
regsvr32 sfg****.dll [* = ramdom char] SafeGuard Popup Blocker Updater (required)
regsvr32 sfg****.dll [* = random char] SafeGuard Popup Updater (required)
regsvr32 sfgupd.dll SafeGuard Popup Blocker Updater
regsvr32 sfg_****.dll [* = random char] PCShield
regsvr32 veev****.dll [* = random char] Popup Blocker Updater
RegSvr32.exe WUx_RegSvr
regsvr32.exe Generic Service Process
regsvr32.exe ....HREF.OCX HREF.OCX
regsvr32.exe ..csseqchk.dll Register SeqChk
regsvr32.exe /s supdate2.dll supdate2.dll
regsvr32.exe bocaitoolbar.dll RegBar
regsvr32.exe ctasio.dll AsioReg
regsvr32.exe ctasio.dll REGSVR32
regsvr32.exe gisyflngpshcvuakv.dll mfhsornwnduy
regsvr32.exe Ir41_32.ax Ir41_32.ax
regsvr32.exe kvern16.dll kvern16.dll
regsvr32.exe rmoc3260.dll rmoc3260.dll OCX
regsvr32.exe vernn16.dll vern16.dll
regsvr32.exe [random name].dll xhehjnnlqercber
regsvs.exe Compatibility Service Process
regsync.exe regsync
Regsys.exe Registry System
Regsysw.com Reg_WFT
Regsysw.exe Reg_WFT
RegTool.exe Registration-Studio 8
regtray.exe MicrosoftCorp
regtray.exe MicrosoftNAPC
RegTwk.exe RegTweak
Regverif32.exe RegVfy32
Reklamer.exe Kinofilmoff.Net




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