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Startup file names beginning with r

File Name Application Name
RECOVE~1.EXE RecoverFromReboo
RECOVE~1.EXE RecoverFromReboot
recruit.exe Internet
RecSche.exe RecShe
recsl.exe mysvcig38
Rect Bike.exe Time jugs
Recycle.exe Recycle
recycle.exe Taskman
recyclebin.exe CurrentVersion
recyclebin.exe Taskman
recyclecl.exe Recycler DO NOT MODIFY
recycler.exe Recycle Bin Handler
red32.exe LantronixRedirector
redflag.exe Red Flag
RediffMessenger.exe Bol IM
redirect*.exe redirect
reek32.exe Reek 32 Server
referee.exe Referee
ReflexVision.exe Reflex Vision
Refresh.exe Refresh
Reg Tool.exe Reg Tool
reg.exe vuaaa
Reg.hta Reg
reg32.exe Ereg
Reg32.exe Reg32
reg32.exe reg32
reg32.exe Microsoft System Firewall 2006.2
reg33.exe Reg32
Regclean.exe Registry Cleaner
RegClean.exe RegClean
REGCNT09.exe Card Monitor
RegCon.exe SAClient
Regcpm32.exe RegCompres
REGCPM32.EXE RegCompres
Regcxn.exe Regcxn
regdefend.exe regdefend
regdtopt.exe Optim1
regdtopt.exe Optim2
regdtopt.exe Optim3
regdtopt.exe Optim4
regedit -s spp.reg spp
regedit -s system.dll system
regedit -s win.dll @
regedit -s win.dll win
regedit ..tour.reg tour
regedit /s c:\hp\djregfix.reg DJRegFix
regedit /s sys.reg sys
regedit /s [path] tour.reg tourpath
regedit sysdllwm.reg sys
regedit-s .... sp.dll sp
regedit.exe regedit
regedit.exe NeroCheck
regedit.exe Ccao
regedit.exe regedit
regedit.exe Microsoft Regestry Edit Manager
regedit.exe Symantec Antivirus professional
regedit.exe [random name]
regedit.exe Regedit32
regedit.exe -s ie.reg SystemSearch
Regedit.exe -s pcsearch.reg SysSearch
regedit.exe -s sys.reg SystemSearch
Regedit.exe -s sysreg.reg SysSearch
Regedit.exe ....data789.tmp Data789
Regedit.exe /s ...PowerSet_8100_CU.REG PowerSet
regedit.exe /s ...rad03FA6.tmp OPQFile
regedit.exe /s c[month number] Internal
regedit.exe setupuser.log setupuser
Regedit32.com StartUp Secure64
RegEdit32.exe RegEdit32
regedit32.exe Microsoft Regestry Manager
regeditnt.exe Service Registry NT Save
regedits.exe Regedit
regeditt.exe REGRUN
regedlt.exe tsx
regedt32.exe NOD32 FiX
regexpress.exe Windows Registry Express Loader
regfreeze.exe RegFreeze
reghost.exe reghost
reginfo32.exe reginfo32
regintmon.exe Registry Integrity Checker
register.exe Register MediaRing Talk
register.exe palmOne Registration
Registration.exe WordPerfect Office 1215
Registration.exe CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 11b
Registry.exe Registry Services
registry.pif RegistryMonitor
registry32.exe Microsoft Regestry Manager
RegistryBooster.exe Uniblue Registry Booster
RegistryBooster.exe RegistryBooster
RegistryBooster.exe Uniblue RegistryBooster 2009
RegistryBooster.exe Uniblue RegistryBooster 2
registrycleanfix.exe RegistryCleanFixMFC
RegistryClever.exe RegistryClever
RegistryCleverTray.exe TrayScan
RegistryController.exe PDF Converter Registry Controller
RegistryController.exe PDF4 Registry Controller
RegistryController.exe PDF5 Registry Controller




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