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Startup file names beginning with p

File Name Application Name
p.exe p
P0620Pin.dll PD0620 STISvc
P2kAutostart.exe P2kAutostart
P2P P2P Networking
P2P Networking.exe P2P NETWORKING
P2P Networking2.exe P2P Networking2
P2P Networking3.exe P2P Networking3
p2phost.exe CollaborationHost
p2phost.exe Microsoft People Near Me
p2phost.exe Microsoft® Windows® Operating System
p2pnetwork.exe p2pnetwork
p2pnetworking.exe p2pnetworking
p2pnetworking.exe Xp
p2pnetworking.exe p2p networking
p3.exe MSPluginSrvc
P3p4chk.exe P3p4chk
p4mx4.exe p4mx4
p6.exe MSNPluginSrvcs
p95tray.exe Pointsec Tray
PAC.EXE Winsock2 driver
pacis.exe PaciSoft
package.exe sasserfix
packe.pif winbar.pif
PadExe.exe PadTouch
pag.exe Pag Windows Monitor
PAgent.exe PAgent
paint.exe taskmgr.exe
paintingroom.exe PaintingRoom evidence monitor
paintingroom.exe PaintingRoom smile monitor
paintms.exe taskmgr.exe
Palm.exe Palm Desktop
PALNETAW~1.EXE PaltalkNetaware.exe
PAM.exe Personal Anti Malware
pamela.exe pamela.exe
panda.pif Panda Software Intrenet
PandaAVEngine.exe PandaAVEngine
Pandawas.exe System handler
Pando.exe Pando
PanelApp.exe KN_PanelApp
panel_its.exe [various names]
pantera.exe Pantera
papihost.exe PowerDOCSAPIHost
ParentalControl.Exe ParentalControl
Pareto_AS.exe ParetoLogic Anti-Spyware
ParisM.exe [various names]
PartSeal.exe VAIO Recovery
PartSeal.exe PartSeal
pas.exe PersonalAntiSpy Free
pas.exe P Antispyware 09
PAS8_UD.exe Palo Alto Software Update Manager 8.0
pasmon.exe pas_check
PASmon.exe was_check
PASmon.exe Salestart
pasmon.exe cmonitor
Passcfg16.exe Windows System Configuration
Passe-partout.exe NETVISIONPasse-partout
PassLocker.exe PassLocker
PasSrv.exe Panda Antispam Server Service
PasswdMon.exe [various names]
PASTARTER.EXE PowerArchiver Tray
pasystem.exe PaSystem
PASystemTray.exe PASystemTray
patch.exe Patch
patch.exe Telechips,Mass
patch.exe Win Patch
patch31345.exe AV Client
patch31345.exe AV Industry
patcher.scr game
patchnvidiaTVout.exe PathNvidiaTV
pathname.exe pathname
pav.exe PAV
pav.exe PersonalAV
pav.exe Paladin Antivirus
pavdr.exe Panda Cleaner
PavFires.exe PAVFIRES
pavkre9x.exe Pavkre9x
pavmail.exe PER Email Protection
PavProt.exe PavProt
Pavprot9.exe Pavprot9
PavPrS9x.exe PavProc
pavsched.exe Panda Scheduler
pavsched.exe PandaScheduler
paxrxo.exe Microsoft Update Machine
payload.dat System Initialization
paytime.exe PayTime
pbagent.exe pbagent
PBKScheduler.exe {1290A33C-85F5-4164-A1BE-7DD299D4986A}
PBKScheduler.exe PBKScheduler
PBKScheduler.exe PowerBackup
pbm.exe PASMonitor
PbMngr5.exe PbAdminACAD
PBNext.exe run_pbnext
PC-Antispy.exe PC-Antispy
PC-Antispyware.exe PC-Antispyware
PC-Cleaner.exe PC-Cleaner
PC.EXE Service Drivers
pc32.exe MSNSysRestore




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