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Startup file names beginning with Symbols and Numbers

File Name Application Name
[random filename] WindowsRegKey update
[random filename] Agent Explorer
[random filename] Bnexe
[random filename] PostBootReminder
[random filename] zonealarm
[random filename] Microsoft Tray
[random filename] ara-key
[random filename] Windows ExpIorer
[random filename] Win Prosess0r
[random filename] ddivmwa
[random filename] Windows Media Player
[random filename] Windows Media SP.2.37
[random filename] Microsoft IT Update
[random filename] Microsoft Locals 332
[random filename] Microsoft Anti-Spy
[random filename] WindowsRegistration
[random filename] jysyqm
[random filename] RPC Service
[random filename] LoadOrderVerification
[random filename] WebRun
[random filename] JVM0.12
[random filename] Windows Microsoft Service
[random filename] Danton*
[random filename] Adobe Acrobat Reader CFG
[random filename] Microsoft (C) HTML Application host
[random filename] BIOS XP Loader
[random filename] Video Process
[random filename] MicroLoad
[random filename] UpdSys
[random filename] Intranet Explorer
[random filename] Windows Media Player Update
[random filename] NAV Auto Update
[random filename] System backup
[random filename] Microsoft Corporation
[random filename] Microsoft Diagnostic
[random filename] Microsoft Security GManagers
[random filename] Microsoft Security Panagers
[random filename] passcxd
[random filename] Microsoft System Backup
[random filename] SysStart
[random filename] Win Secure Update
[random filename] mswspl
[random filename] rtkernsw
[random filename] RSPC Driver D
[random filename] System Update
[random filename] ccApp
[random filename] WinLoader
[random filename] Voltage Manager
[random filename] Service Pack 1
[random filename] Windows Compliant
[random filename] System Update
[random filename] nssysconf
[random filename] Microsoft Updote
[random filename] Microsoft Update Loader
[random filename] Winsock2 driver
[random filename] Win32system
[random filename] educational writer
[random filename] sws.exe
[random filename] AOL Messenger
[random filename] Ghost Relay
[random filename] vxcxcvfck
[random filename] Windows Update Checker
[random filename] DRam prosesor
[random filename] Avril Lavigne - Muse
[random filename] Windows Update V6
[random filename] WindowsRegKey Autoupdate
[random filename] BrowserUpdateSched
[random filename] Microsoft DirktorWin
[random filename] updatesched
[random filename] TaskReg
[random filename] MbarInstall
[random filename] hpsysconf1
[random filename] Zstart
[random filename] MS-HTML
[random filename] Plasdll service
[random filename] MSKCES32
[random filename] Symantec Autoscan
[random filename] System CPL manager
[random filename] prompt drive
[random filename] ValueS0ft
[random filename] services32
[random filename] Msn Update SUPPORT
[random filename] Monitor Test
[random filename] Windows Servce Agent
[random filename] Z_Start
[random filename] Think-Adz
[random filename] Agent Browser
[random filename] AIM Instant Message Cookies
[random filename] Quicktime Task
[random filename] Telnet24
[random filename] crmssrlt
[random filename] WinUPPD.exe
[random filename] wpxmls
[random filename] Window service
[random filename] dllcvss
[random filename] Service Defender
[random filename] SfKg6wIP
[random filename] zcseacrt
[random filename] expcrt
[random filename] ExploreUpdSched




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