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Startup file names beginning with m

File Name Application Name
mtr2.exe Mtr2
mtsc32.exe Generic Host Process For Win32 Services
mtsoemon.exe MyTotalSearch Email Plugin
MTTool.exe Motor_Tracking_Tool
mtv.exe MoodLogicTV
MTVSCMXT.EXE Windows Driver Foundation
mtx.exe SystemBackup
mual.exe MUAL
Muamgr.exe Microangelo Desktop
muamgr.exe muamgr
muamgr.exe MOD
muamgrd.exe Microsoft Update
muBlinder.exe muBlinder
mufix.exe Mufix
MUIStartMenu.exe UpdateLBPShortCut
MUIStartMenu.exe MDS_Menu
MUIStartMenu.exe UpdatePDRShortCut
MUIStartMenu.exe UpdatePPShortCut
MUIStartMenu.exe UCam_Menu
MUIStartMenu.exe P2Go_Menu
MUIStartMenu.exe UpdateP2GoShortCut
MUIStartMenu.exe MUI StartMenu Application
MUIStartMenu.exe StartMen Application
MUIStartMenu.exe HPCam_Menu
MUIStartMenu.exe UpdatePRCShortCut
MUIStartMenu.exe UpdatePSTShortCut
MUIStartMenu.exe UpdateP2GShortCut
MUIStartMenu.exe UpdatePDIRShortCut
MUIStartMenu.exe LGSR_Menu
multipl.exe Multiplicity
multiran.exe multiran
MultiRes.exe MultiRes
mum.exe InternodeUsage
mumservice.exe mumservice
Mupdate.exe Microsoft Update
music.exe music
Music01 Server.exe Music01 Server
musirc4.71.exe MusIRC (irc.music.com) client
mustafx.exe Mustafx
MV2.exe Microsoft Bool Value
MVaccine.exe MegaVaccineMain
mvcsvm.exe Mcafee VirusScan Manager
mvnesc.exe Windows Essensials
mvrescue MVRescue
mvsc.exe Microsoft Update
mvsecn.exe Win32 USB Driver
Mw1helper.exe MW1HelperStartUp
MW1HEL~1.EXE MW1HelperStartUp
mw2mmgr32.exe Sys32V2Contoller
mwavscan.com mwavscan
mwcpyrt.exe Copyright
mwd.exe Windows Management Instrumentation
mwfibpx.exe ms_anti_spywarebxp
mwfirebpx.exe ms_anti_spywarebxp
mwfirewall.exe ms_anti_spyware
mwincfg32.exe Config Loader for Microsoft Windows
mwindll.exe Microsoft Windows DLL Services
mwlDaemon.exe mwlDaemon
mwlDaemon.exe MyWinLocker
MwlGui.exe MWLExe
mwoffice.exe Windows Update Controller
MWProEng.exe MWProEng
MWSBAR.DLL My Web Search Bar
MWSnap.exe MWSnap
mwsoemon.exe mwsoemon
mwsoemon.exe MyWebSearch Email Plugin
mwsrvacc.exe Instant Access
mwsvm.exe absr
mwsvm.exe Mwsvm
mwupdate32.exe microsft windows updates
MxHLp32.exe MxHLp32
mxjunj.exe Windows Service Agent
mxjxde.exe mxjxde.exe
MXOaldr.exe MXO Auto Loader
mxpsp.exe MediaXPServicePack
MxRunner.exe MxRunner
mxt32.exe DialNet
mxtask.exe Fix-it
MXTASK.EXE SystemSuite Task Manager
Mxvgautil.EXE Mxvgautil
mxxcva.exe sdfwfq
myagtsvc.exe MyCIO Agent Service
MYAGTSVC.EXE McAfee Managed Desktop Agent
myagttry.exe myagttry
myagttry.exe myCIO.com ASaP
myCleanerPC.exe myCleanerPC
mycleanU.exe mycleanS
myclient.exe Kf3pn4
myclient.exe tJedcyVzACBs
MYCOME~1.EXE MyCometCursor
MyDailyHoroscope.exe MyDailyHoroscope
MYDAIL~1.EXE MyDailyHoroscope
myfastupdate.exe MyFastAccess
MyGame.exe Load
MyGoldKazaa.exe My Kazaa Gold
MyHeart.exe Performance




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