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Startup file names beginning with i

File Name Application Name
ivpsvmgr.exe IVPServiceMgr
ivy.exe ivy.exe
iw.exe InternetWasherPro
iw.exe Internet Washer Pro
iWareStart.exe eWare Startup
IWatch.exe ISDNwatch
iwctrl.exe IW ControlCenter
iwctrl.exe iwctrl
iwctrl.exe IW_Drop_Icon
iwnujdss.exe StartupBin
iwnujdss2.exe Sts
IXApplet.exe Camio Viewer x
ixplore.exe scvhost loader
ixplore.exe ixplore
ixplores.exe ixplores
ixsso.exe ixsso
izszbayz.exe Windows Service Agent
I_26dadCC.exe CorelCENTRAL 10




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