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Startup file names beginning with g

File Name Application Name
Gear511.exe AS00_Gear511
GearHelp.exe Ai Gear Help
gearsec.exe GEARsec
gearsec.exe Windows
gearsec.exe Windows Sound Manager
gedit.exe systemr
GemBack.exe AMD PowerNow!
GemStRmW.exe GemStRmW
GenAvir.exe General Antivirus
gencroot.exe gencroot
Genderowo.exe Tweak System
general.exe general lptt01
general.exe general ml097e
gescw.exe gescw
gesfm32.exe Microsoft Netview
GestMaj.exe EspaceWanadoo.exe WOOKIT
GestMaj.exe GestionnaireInternet.exe WOOKIT
GestMaj.exe TaskbarIcon.exe WOOTASKBARICON
getikap.exe Comcast Network
GetIT.exe GetIT
GetModule18.exe GetModule18
GetModule19.exe GetModule19
GetModule20.exe GetModule20
GetModule21.exe GetModule21
GetModule23.exe GetModule23
GetModule24.exe GetModule24
GetModule25.exe GetModule25
GetModule27.exe GetModule27
GetModule29.exe GetModule29
GetModule30.exe GetModule30
GetPack18.exe GetPack18
GetPack19.exe GetPack19
GetPack20.exe GetPack20
GetPack21.exe GetPack21
GetPack22.exe GetPack22
GetPack23.exe GetPack23
GetPack24.exe GetPack24
GetPack25.exe GetPack25
getright.exe GetRight - Tray Icon
getright.exe Start Getright
GetRight.exe GetRight
getsmile.exe Get Smile
GeTTime.exe SymmTime
GeTTime.exe SymmTime Application
GetWaylayer32.exe Critical Error Safe32
geurge.exe ewrgetuj
gewow.exe wow
gfeqzvq.exe Mcsoft
gg.exe Gadu-Gadu
gg.exe Nowe Gadu-Gadu
ggf.exe gf1.0.0.2
ggfig.exe Stratas
gggasw.exe bdfger
gglib.exe vmtuner
ggrrgg.exe gtydf
ggtb32.exe google toolbar
ghgfjrs.exe Jfwehnrt
ghost.exe Sys_Run
gHost.exe G_Host
GhostAV.exe Ghost Antivirus
GhostStartService.exe GhostStartService
GhostStartTrayApp.exe GhostStartTrayApp
GhostTray.exe Norton Ghost 9.0
GhostTray.exe Norton Ghost 10.0
gigabit.exe gigabit.exe
GigaByte.exe Cheatle
GiganewsAccelerator.exe Giganews Accelerator
giljabistart.exe LG Intelligent Update
gimmysmileys.exe gimmysmileys
gisdnlog.exe GisdnLog
GLADManager.exe Popup Terminator
Glass2k.exe Glass2k
GLF*.exe [* = random chars] SpyBlocs
Glidew32.exe Glide
globetrotter connect.exe GlobeTrotter Connect
glock32.exe Glock Suite 1.1
glophone.exe Miniphone
glossary.exe RBOT v2 with NetAPI exploit traded with billgates I gave my mother Greetz - OG - Bluehell Irc Server
gluon.exe gluon
glv.exe glv
gmilogof.exe SymantecFilterCheck
Gmouse.exe Gmouse
gms2.exe GsAds
gmsvc32.exe Gmsvc32
GMT.exe GStartup
GMT16.exe Microsoft Internet Firewall Manager
GNB.exe Bharatayuda
gnetmous.exe Gnetmous
gnetmouse.exe GNETMOUSE
gnksvc32.exe Gekio Startups
gnotify.exe {0228e555-4f9c-4e35-a3ec-b109a192b4c2}
gnub.exe gnub
Go.exe Go!Zilla Monster Downloads
GO0GLEFREE.EXE Google Service FR
goaw.pif Microsoft Intrenet Explorer
GoGoLaunch.exe RUNGogoTools
goidr.exe goidr




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