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Startup file names beginning with f

File Name Application Name
flolo.exe Microsoft Update Device
FLooDeR.exe FLooDNeT
flowcycle.exe Microsoft Memory Flow Cycle
flowcycles.exe Microsoft Memory Flow Cycle
flps.vbs flps
flpycntl.exe flpycntl
FLSHSTAT.EXE FlashPath Status
FLSHSTAT.EXE FlashPath Monitor
flushdns.exe Symantec Antivirus professional
FLVSrvc.exe Ask and Record FLV Service
flxper.exe NotFaut
flydesk.exe FlyswatDesktop
fm3032.exe FaxCenterServer
fm3032.exe FaxCenterServer4_in_1
fm3032.exe Lexmark 5400 Series Fax Server
fm3032.exe Lexmark 7600 Series Fax Server
fm3032.exe Lexmark 5000 Series Fax Server
fm3032.exe Lexmark 6500 Series Fax Server
fm3032.exe Lexmark 9300 Series Fax Server
fm3032.exe Lexmark X5400 Series Fax Server
Fmctrl.EXE FmctrlTray
fmedia.exe run=
fmideploy.exe Intel Audio Studio V2.0
fmnwebassist.exe fmnwebassist
Fmstart.exe FMStart
fmsz.exe FMSZ
FMW_PCAP.EXE Alcom PCL Capture
fnesvc32.exe Fenio Startups
FnKeyHook.exe TOSHIBA Accessibility
fnmwebassist.exe fnmwebassist
fntldr.exe run=
Focus.exe Focus
folderclone.exe FolderClone v*.*.*
FolderShare.exe FolderShare
FolderShield.exe fspr
folderview.exe Folder View
FoneSyncSystemTray.exe FoneSyncSystemTray
fontfix.exe FontFix
FontNav.exe fontnav
Fonts.exe sys
fonts.hta AdobeFonts
fonts.hta TrueFonts
fontviewer.exe Font Viewer
FooBar.exe FooBar 1.0
fooding.exe Tiny AV
fool.exe fool
for.exe Symantec Antivirus professional
ForbesAlerts.exe Forbes
forboo.exe deejay
forces_elite.exe [various names]
formatsys.exe avnort
formatsys.exe ltwob
formatsys.exe serpe
FortiClient.exe FortiClient
FotomatDeviceConnect.exe ViewpointPhotosDeviceConnect
fotos.exe fotos
FotoStation Easy AutoLaunch.exe FotoStation Easy AutoLaunch
FoulPX.exe Foul PX
FourthDay.exe FourthDay
fowilco.exe FoWilCo
foxdh.exe foxdh
foxdhend.exe foxdh
foxrxjh.exe foxrxjh
fpapli.exe scroller
fpapp.exe FingerPrintSoftware
fpassist.exe FreePDF Assistant
fpassist.exe fpassist
fpassist.exe FreePDF_Assistant
fpdialer.exe Fatpipe Dialer
fpdisp4.exe FinePrint Dispatcher v4
fpdisp4a.exe FinePrint Dispatcher v4
fpdisp5a.exe FinePrint Dispatcher v5
fpg.exe First Principle Group
fppdis1.exe pdfFactory Pro Dispatcher v1
fppdis1a.exe pdfFactory Dispatcher v1
fppdis2a.exe pdfFactory Dispatcher v2
fppdis3a.exe pdfFactory Pro Dispatcher v3
fpplock.exe Warning: do not remove it!
FProtTray.exe F-PROT Antivirus Tray application
fpuk.exe Terminate Popup
fpwinldr.exe FoolProof
Fquick32.exe Quick Startup
FrameWork.exe FrameWork 2.5
Framework.Launcher.exe EmpoweringTechnology
france.exe ASDPLUGIN
france.exe HELPER
FreebieNotes.exe Freebie Notes
FreeCall.exe FreeCall
freecell l44sys**
Freectrl.exe Monstersoundtray
Freedom.exe Freedom
Freedom.exe Safeworld
freedom.exe TELUS Security service
FreeDVDDirect.exe Free DVD Direct
freekeylogger.exe Free Key Logger




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