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Thecus N2200XXX

Thecus N2200XXX Article Author : Ian
Date : 12th Aug 2011
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Thecus have been been around for several years, focusing on the production of NAS and other network/storage devices. The N2200XXX is one of their latest offerings – a two bay NAS aimed at SOHO/Home users with a need for high performance storage… hence the triple-x name, which stands for “eXtreme Power, eXtreme Function and eXtreme Value”. The NAS is based on the 1.8Ghz dual-core Intel Atom D525 and 1GB of DDR3 RAM, so it has the potential to be a speedy bit of kit. Both 3.5” and 2.5” drives fit in to the drive trays, allowing for hot-swappable RAID 1 and 0 configurations (or just JBOD if you want to maximise storage).

The N2200XXX currently retails for around £300, which is slightly cheaper than competing units from other rivals. In line with many other NAS devices, you are able to download from a whole range of modules to expand the feature set – the N2200XXX currently supports extras such as:
  • Integrated download manager
  • IP Camera recording
  • Mail Server
  • Web Server
  • MySQL Server
  • NZB Plugin
  • Bit Torrent Manager
  • Piczza Photo Server
  • Twonky Media
All of these are fairly standard modules, but it is good to see that Thecus actively maintain and update these on their website and forums. One stand-out feature of the N2200XXX is that there is a SD/SDHC/MMC slot on the front of the unit, which is a really easy way to copy files from a camera or other device to your storage. It’s not common to see these on a NAS unit, but it’s a handy feature for many home/small office users. Just below is slot is a USB port and copy button, which can be used to transfer data from a range of other devices (most often a USB drive/stick).

Other elements on the front of the NAS include the obligatory power button, an LED status bar (to indicate things like disk activity) and a touch panel which neatly hides the drive bays. It was very pleasing to see that the drive bays are so accessible and that the only screws needed are to hold the drive in the mounting trays.

Unfortunately, the glossy front panel and black side casing were real magnets for attracting fingerprints. Even after just a few minutes after setting the device up (with clean hands!), there were marks along the front of the case. These can easily be polished away, but it would be an improvement to see a different finish on future models.

The rear of the unit includes the 12V power socket, eSATA port, 2 x USB ports and dual Ethernet ports. The USB connections can be used for hooking up more permanent devices such as printers or additional USB drives and the Gigabit Ethernet ports can be linked and used for failover or load balancing.

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