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Philips 170B6CB LCD Monitor

Philips 170B6CB LCD Monitor Article Author : Quadophile
Date : 22nd Jun 2006
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Sound Quality

I have yet to come across any LCD monitor which does justice to the sound quality if you intend to listen to either music or watch a movie. The built-in speakers are for basic Windows system sound and nothing more. There is lack of space within the panel for a speaker to be powerful enough to give performance rivalling stand alone speakers.

There are certainly some exotic options available but that would render the cost of the LCD monitor to be prohibitive. The speakers however can do net conferencing duties as it involves a limited range of human voice to be reproduced, unlike music which covers a much wider range in the audio spectrum and can be taxing for the 2 watt built-in speaker. So for that windows system sound, the speakers are more than adequate. In any case, if anyone is into watching movies and listening to music they either have the option to go for a good pair of headphones or stand-alone speakers to do full justice to the content chosen. .

Driver and Software Management

The monitor is bundled with standard software and drivers which are very easy to install. You simply need to follow the instructions on the screen once the unit is hooked up. Smart Manage also provides LAN based asset management capabilities if required.

Smart Manage improves IT efficiency through remote monitor management that provides status control, location management, maintenance and messaging from a central location. Philips developed Smart Manage in partnership with Altiris as a tool to add monitors to a managed IT environment.

Image Quality

Remember, the video card in your computer is essentially a digital device and can give digital output through the DVI-D without any further processing, hence, no deterioration in image quality takes place. The VGA output on the other hand is essentially outputs a signal converted from digital to analogue and once it enters the LCD monitor again the conversion takes place since the LCD monitor is also essentially a digital device. By buying a DVI-D cable the user eliminates all the conversion process in the chain and therefore the integrity of the signal remains, hence, the better quality of output from the LCD screen.

The native resolution of this monitor is 1280x1024 and recommended refresh rate is 75 Hz. The contrast ratio is 500:1 and brightness typical at 250 nits. ( Viewing Angle (H/V): 160°/140° ). The monitor is very easy on the eyes and having used it for a couple of months I can safely say that it will be an excellent choice for someone who spends the better part of the day looking at the screen. The ideal mode to use is the sRGB which will automatically adjust all the parameters of the image, however, there are other modes provided to suit individual needs which include Photo, TV/Video, Gaming, Internet, Text and Graphics. This new menu system is based on the Philips LightFrame DR software that can be put in the Start-up folder so that it is always available as a pull down menu when needed.

Use sRGB mode for best results and compatibility with other devices like cameras, printers, scanners etc. Configuring the monitor for the first time is as easy as ABC, you just install the driver and press auto adjustment button on the screen and you are done.

I personally feel that the 17-inch LCD is ideal business size monitor to view documents, which you need not scroll unlike when using a 15-inch monitor having resolution of 1024x768. The larger screens like the 19 inch tend to make the text look smaller. Your own mileage may vary so when buying a monitor; it would be prudent on the buyer’s part to check out the screen size before committing to buy one. The comfort factor should be on the top of the list of any monitor user.

The Philips 170B6CB boasts a very fast 8 ms response time and it certainly shows the difference when compared to my LCD monitor at home which happens to be the basic model 170S5FB which I had reviewed earlier and has a response time of 16 ms.

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