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LG L226WTQ LCD Article Author : Ian
Date : 5th Nov 2007
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LCD monitors have evolved rapidly over recent years, especially in response times and panel size. The latest release of 22" monitors has brought several high end monitors well into the price range of a budget gamer. Two of these stand out in particular, the Samsung 226BW and the LG L226WTQ. Both of these panels feature a 2ms response time, which is an essential requirement for gamers (as it reduces any ghosting effects as seen on slower panels). However, the Samsung monitor often retails at a higher price for an almost identically priced monitor.


Brightness :300 cd/m2
Colour : Silver / Black
Contrast ratio : 3000:1
Dimensions : 501.7 x 423.5 x 233.9mm (WxHxD)
Inputs : 1 x D-Sub, 1 x DVI-D
Pixel pitch : 0.282 x 0.282
Power consumption : stand by / sleep 45 Watt
Resolution : 1680x1050
Response time : 2ms
Vesa mounting : Yes
Viewing angle : 170/170 (H/V)
Warranty : 3Yr Manufacturer

Discerning consumers will look at the overall monitor specifications rather than just the panel size, as not every 22" LCD is built equally. This monitor appears to be ideally suited to gamers, primarily due to the very fast 2ms pixel response time (defined as the time taken for a pixel to cycle from black to white). The resolution of 1680x1050 is standard for 22" panels and is becoming a very common format for widescreen gamers. Most games from the last few years (such as HL2, BioShock etc...) should have native support and take advantage of the widescreen format.

If you have an older LCD you have probably noticed that in some games (such as BioShock) that it becomes difficult to view dark areas of the game, simply because many shades of grey are hard to differentiate. In this case, the higher the contrast ratio the better (as it increases the visibility of different shades).

Both DVI and 15 pin D-Sub connections are provided, ensuring that any type of graphics card should be compatible with the display. If you have a Blueray or HD DVD player you can view HDCP content over the DVI connection. Finally, a 3 year manufacturer warranty is a reassuring period of time should you have any problems with the monitor.

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