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Tagan TG480-U22

Tagan TG480-U22 Article Author : floppybootstomp
Date : 10th Mar 2005
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Although the Tagan can't actually be seen in a Lian Li case as the enclosure is shrouded with aluminium casing, I thought I'd include this pic to show what the cabling looks like in place.

I haven't spent a great deal of time tidying and yes, it could do with a little vacuum cleaning in there. Routing the various cables was very easy indeed and those not required were cable tied and tucked on top of the upper optical drive.

I particularly liked the separate, shrouded, VGA card connectors. None of the plugs are UV-reactive although they may look like it from these pictures.


I've had the Tagan 480 running for three days in my main machine now, it's steady as a rock and I'm getting good temps. It replaced an Antec 430W unit.

I checked voltages with the hardware monitor supplied with my DFI motherboard and observed most rails were shown as being a little under par:



However, using my Fluke Digital multimeter, every single voltage rail showed as being a little over par. Never could rely on software monitoring much.

Using a voltmeter is a much more accurate way to monitor voltages. I took readings from the main Motherboard connector and a couple of molex 4 pin plugs. All readings were taken with CPU at full load.

Typical + voltages were 12.1; 5.1 and 3.4V. These wavered only slightly when I burnt a CD and played CoD online, but only a little, perhaps changing by 0.1V in each instance.


To sum up, the TG480-U22 is a good looker, runs quiet and is a breeze to install when routing it's cables. Most every requirement seems to have been catered for and at time of writing, it seems future proof.

The TG480-U22 is very similar in performance to the TG480-U01 reviewed earlier last year, featuring the same high build quality, stable power lines and Active Power Correction Factoring. Most importantly, this power supply lives up to its claims of being near silent.

The Tagan retails for around 70.00 in the UK and I would recommend it wholeheartedly.

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