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Tt eSPORTS MEKA G1 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Tt eSPORTS MEKA G1 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Article Author : Becky
Date : 13th Aug 2012
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The first thing you notice when taking the MEKA G1 out of the box is the weight of the unit. This thing is heavy! The build quality feels superb, and from the weight, to the feel of the keys, to the thick military grade cable, this feels like it was made to last. If you are looking for ultra-portable then this will not be the keyboard for you, but as most folk buying this keyboard will be gamers then the weight is ideal. When you are immersed in a game then the last thing you want is your keyboard sliding all over the desk. There are four rubber feet on the rear of the keyboard (four more on the underside of the wrist rest), and when it is sat down on the desk it feels as though it will stay put through even the most energetic gaming. There are struts underneath the rear of the keyboard which allow you to tilt it upwards slightly, and they feel very solid. However it is worth noting that the struts do not have rubber feet, so the keyboard does become easier to move across the desk when the struts are used. The keyboard is slightly angled in an ergonomic position, so most users may find the struts unnecessary.

The keyboard has a matt black finish, and the keys are pad printed in white with media controls in blue. This is one area where the keyboard lacks in quality the white paint feels like a cheap short-cut, and we would have much preferred to see etched keys. Only time will tell whether the white paint has sufficient durability to last, but in the few weeks that the keyboard has been in use we have seen a faint discolouration in the lettering of the most frequently used keys.

There are no backlit keys and no macro keys, so if these are features you want then it might be worth considering the G1s big brother the MEKA G-UNIT which features selective backlit keys (eg WASD) and 12 macro keys.

There are seven multimedia buttons from F1 to F7, which are a useful feature on this keyboard. The keys are enabled by holding down the Fn key, which is located where you would usually see the Windows key. The Windows key has been relocated to the right of the Alt Gr key to avoid accidental presses mid-game. This takes a little getting used to if you use shortcuts a lot. Interestingly the Windows key has been entirely removed from the MEKA G1s little brother, the MEKA, but it is back in its usual position on the MEKA G-UNIT.

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