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Logitech G11 Keyboard

Logitech G11 Keyboard Article Author : Ian
Date : 5th Nov 2007
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Macro Keys

The bundled software lets you pick a different profile for individual applications and then record keypresses for each G key. Thankfully, it also includes an optional feature that records the time delay between keypresses rather than sending all key commands at once.

Once you have recorded the desired commands, simply press that G-Key in game and it will perform the macro.


The G11 gaming keyboard is an excellent addition to a gaming PC by enabling macro commands and looking great. It hasn't been optimised to the extend of some gaming keyboards, which means that it is still perfectly suitable to use in office applications.

For the money, it is recommended that users of this keyboard would make use of the macro keys or want a glowing keyboard. It's more expensive than a standard keyboard but for some users it will be worth its weight in gold.

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