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Aten CS62DU KVM Article Author : floppybootstomp
Date : 1st Mar 2008
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Now I have fitted this switch I can select all my music from one location and play it over my Hi-Fi. Itís nice being able to hit a switch and choose from more than a thousand music albums.

And when I eventually add a TV, I can select movies and TV stations from this main machine. I can also control the audio level with a remote control for the Hi Fi Amplifier. Which is a Cambridge Azur 640A 70W x 2 for anybody whoís interested.

To sum up, the Aten CS62DU is well built, the cables exude quality, it does itís job effortlessly and as long as you donít mind sticking with 2.1 audio, will switch your speaker setup and microphone as well as your other components.

Iím really quite taken with just tapping this switch on my desktop and being able to access my media machine.

It currently costs around £70.00 including postage and is available from this supplier at time of writing: KVM Switch Direct

This product would have scored a very respectable 9 out of 10 but because of the shortcomings with the G15 keyboard weíll award the CS62DU 8 out of 10.

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