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Aten CS62DU KVM Article Author : floppybootstomp
Date : 1st Mar 2008
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In this article we’re going to take a look at a recently introduced two-way KVM switch, the CS62DU from a company named Aten. A KVM switch enables a user to use two or more computers with one Keyboard, Video Display and Mouse and in this instance, 2.1 Audio and a microphone.

This model has only recently been introduced and offers DVI & USB2 switching with audio between two computers. As far as I’m aware at time of writing this is the only model currently available at a reasonable price that offers these facilities.

The CS62DU features a wired remote control button which enables the user to simply press an illuminated desktop button to switch between machines. This remote switch is in addition to the normal keyboard switching commands employed.

I found this a welcome addition and made switching between machines a real pleasure. A much better option than the usual having to reach over for the KVM box to hit a switch.

And talking of the heart of the KVM being housed in a box, this particular model doesn’t have a box as such, just a small module in line with the cables.

Let’s have a look at this piece of kit then, this is how it arrives, in a bubble pack.

And the rear of the package.

When we open it up, it looks a little like a jumbled mass of cable, which, all things considered, is exactly what it is.

Here’s all there is in the package, the main KVM itself, the remote control switch and the manual.

Here’s the main unit unwound. Looks a little like the Hydra of legendary Greek myth perhaps?

One of the two sets of connectors:

The set of sockets for plugging in keyboard, mouse and monitor:

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