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Computing at 4K

Manchester Meteor High Altitude Balloon

The Manchester Meteor is a high-altitude balloon and payload, created by myself and Dr Jonathan Chippindall (from primarycomputing.co.uk). The aim of this first launch was to test a low-cost design, using only off-the-shelf components, from which we could obtain HD video of near-space. Our overall...

A Brief History of Technology

A look into how modern computers came about The thing that distinguishes intelligent life is its ability to solve problems. Since the first use of stone tools in Africa during the Palaeolithic Era, humans have been coming up with new and increasingly inventive ways in which to improve their...

Black Hat, Black Heart

An editorial on the recent "Ciscogate" Black Hat convention If you are a computer geek, you may have heard of the Black Hat convention held last month. I was not there, so I can only go on reports of Michael Lynn's Presentation. Let's assume that some of you don't know how this story goes, I'll...




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