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Gigabyte 3D Rocket Pro Cooler

Gigabyte 3D Rocket Pro Cooler Article Author : floppybootstomp
Date : 20th Oct 2004
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This cooler has fixing solutions for just about every type of processor available at the moment, AMD K7 & K8, Intel P4 & LGA775. Hereís the selection of fixing brackets that come with it:

Fixing Brackets

The Gigabyte 3D Pro works a little differently from conventional coolers. Within the aluminium fins, a fan is fitted that sucks air in through the fins and expels it from the bottom. Around the base of the fins is a cowling that directs the exposed air to any components surrounding the CPU socket. On this motherboard, this means a series of electrolytic capacitors and some voltage regulators. This is a good thing as capacitors and semiconductors last longer when cooled. This setup also allows air blown from the CPU cooler to be expelled easily by the exhausting case fans.

The cooler base is copper and has a copper heat pipe system attached to it, which runs through the cooling fins. Gigabyte claim the heat pipe system will work in any orientation, regardless of the gravity pull. The machine finishing of the Gigabyte Pro 3D is good, with no visible grooves. A better surface could be achieved by lapping, if youíre that fussy, but it looked good enough

Power for the fan comes from a split 4 pin molex connector connected to a lead that plugs into the top of the cooler. A 3 pin fan speed monitor can be plugged into the motherboard.

The cooler also has a speed control that you can either mount on a tray that fits an external 3.5Ē drive bay or a rear PCI bracket. To fit it to the rear of the computer, you have to take the pot from the front 3.5Ē tray and fit it in to the rear bracket. I mounted this one on the front of the case, itís in grey and black with a muted silver Gigabyte legend and knob. If you donít fit the speed control pot, the fan runs permanently at full speed.

Top Connections

Front Drive Bay

I used Arctic Silver 5 to mount the Gigabyte 3D pro, but Gigabyte supplied a tube of their own compound if you don't have any AS5.

I found it quite fiddly to mount the cooler on to my XP3200, the clip that fits onto to the three lugs either side of the CPU socket just rests in a recess at the top of the cooler base, and itís liable to jump out when youíre trying to secure it.

Vision is limited if youíre fitting this whilst the motherboard is mounted inside the case (as I was) due to the size of this thing, and it proved a little difficult to put the first three holes of the bracket onto the socket lugs. But once they were in place, I used a thin flat blade screwdriver and my fingers to guide the other side of the clip into place. Once mounted, itís secure.

Despite itís size, itís surprisingly light and didnít seem in danger of putting a strain on anything. I wouldnít go so far as to recommend this thing for LAN parties though, that may be pushing your luck.

The Installed Cooler

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