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FSP Silent-Solution Kit

FSP Silent-Solution Kit Article Author : Matt Jason H
Date : 12th Jan 2004
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In the past, the main emphasis on PC cooling has been largely on performance. The more CFM (air) a fan could push, the better, regardless of noise it made whilst doing so. For the non-overclocker at least, this performance-over-silence trend is gradually being reversed as people now increasingly work (and play) by their PCs, making silent operation far more desirable.

FSP Silent Solution Kit

In this review we're going to be taking a look at the "Silent Solution Kit" from FSP Group, which promises good cooling performance and very quiet operation.


The specifications of the kit, according to the manufacturer, are as follows:

  • 350W maximum power
  • 110V/230V selectable input
  • 6x 'Smart Housing' Molex connectors
  • 1x floppy disk Molex connector
  • 1x SATA drive connector
  • 1x ATX power connector
  • 1x AT power connector
  • 1x +12v P4 type connector
  • Variable fan speed (manual)
Heatsink and fan

Suitable for AMD 3000+ (/P4 3.06Ghz) CPU's and below
  • Automatic speed control (Temperature)
  • 27 ~ 30 CFM
  • 2250 ~ 3200 RPM
  • 3 pin fan connector
System Fan
  • 92mm (optional 80mm converter)
  • Automatic speed control (Temperature)
  • 17 ~ 21 CFM
  • 800~1500 RPM
  • 3 pin fan connector
Included Items

Box Contents

The kit we received was for AMD (Socket 478 CPUs) and comes packaged in a blue box with a convenient carry handle. Opening it up revealed these well packaged components...
  • 350W PSU
  • System fan
  • AMD Heatsink and fan
  • 80mm to 92mm fan converter
  • 2x packs of screws
  • PSU power cable
  • User Manual
As you can see there are a few extras, it was nice to see some screws and a power cord in with the bundle, since most cheaper PSU/Fans don't come with any.

The manual, sporting a man who bears a striking resemblance to Dr. Evil, contains lots of technical details about the products, but is severely lacking in installation and usage instructions/diagrams. This may be hindering to a less experienced user fitting the kit, but as the products have standard fittings this shouldn't pose a problem to a more experienced user.

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