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Evercool Mini Watercooler WC 301

Evercool Mini Watercooler WC 301 Article Author : floppybootstomp
Date : 5th Jan 2005
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Temperatures at idle and full load (running United Devices cancer cure program) with Thermalright/Pabst air cooler:

Idle Air Cooling

Full Load Air Cooling

Typical room temperature is 70F/21C.The two fans shown in the Hardware Monitor are the 2 x Vantec Stealths. The Pabst fan on the heatsink runs from a 4 pin connector and spins at around 4000rpm.

When I first booted the machine, the first thing that struck me was how quiet it was. Even on the highest fan setting it was barely audible. Of course I'd lost the rear Vantec fan and the CPU Pabst cooler fan which, although relatively quiet, were still distinctly noticeable when running.

I let it run for twenty minutes on idle, checking for leaks, then replaced the case sides. After setting the computer to full load, I let it run for thirty minutes then took some temperature readings.

You may recall the former CPU temperatures were 50C on idle and 57C on full load.

So how does this water-cooled super quiet system shape up on temps?

Idle Temperatures

Full Load Temperatures

So, the system is running around 5C hotter than previously. Disappointing, perhaps, but the system runs stable and is now super quiet.

External Mounting

I wondered if having the main unit mounted externally may have resulted in lower temps. External positioning would also involve longer runs of tubing and the main unit would not be affected by case temperature.

I did in fact intend to try this unit on a second sytem using the external mounting option. However, when I set the whole thing up, it leaked.

Turns out one of the silicon washers had been cut in half when I screwed up the connection.

As no spare washers were supplied, that rather put that option on ice. I found it odd that spare circlips were supplied, which weren't really needed, yet no spare sealing washers.


I have Mixed feelings about this one. It must be the most economical water cooling system there is, it works, it's really easy to install and is very compact - and it runs super quiet. But, it doesn't seem to cool as effectively as more expensive water cooling systems.

If you like quiet and you must have water cooling, this system is for you. However, if CPU temp is the only thing you're interested in, you're probably better off using one of the better air cooling options.

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