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Digital Doc 5

Digital Doc 5 Article Author : Ian
Date : 18th Mar 2002
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Installing the actual unit itself, is rather like installing a Hard Drive, just mount it on the drive rails (if you have a super-duper case), or just slide it in an empty drive bay, and screw it in place. Installing the probes is a little trickier, and some types have certain uses:

2 x Flat Probe:
Hard Drive
Graphics Card

6 x Bulb Probe:
Ambient Case temperatures
Power Supply

It would have probably been wiser to include more Flat Probes, rather than the Bulb ones, as flat probes can be used in nearly all circumstances. The probes come with about 80cm of cable, so you can clip it neatly to the side of your case and stick it (with the provided tape) to the correct component.

Once you have attached the probes, the corresponding fans need to be installed. An extension cable is provided, so that you can link a 2/3 pin fan up to the panel, but if you want a 4 pin Fan, you'll need to buy a 4 > 3 Pin converter. Fans up to 12Watts can be added, so even the mightiest 120mm fan should be suitable. Remember, only 8 fans and 8 probes can be connected, and they must be attached in the correct order, so that when your Hard Drive gets colder, your Hard Drive cooler fan turns off, not the CPU Fan!

Attaching the Probes to the Digital Doc

That's not all that needs setting up though - you need to configure the temperatures using the Set Button and the Up and Down keys.

1) Press Set

2) Select to measure temperature in oC or oF

3) Press Set

4)The 1st temperature channel is now selected, choose a temperature you want the fan on that channel to start at then press Set to move from channel 2 - 8.

5) Once the 8th temperature channel has been set, you must select a Show RPM status (using the same method as above)

6) Once the 8th RPM status channel has been set, you must select a default On/Off status (using the same method as above)

LCD Layout

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