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Digital Doc 5

Digital Doc 5 Article Author : Ian
Date : 18th Mar 2002
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Heat is the overclockers worst enemy, and case fans are one of the only ways to reduce the effect. With 6 different case fans, your PC may be cool, but it will also sound like a plane taking off. The Digital Doc 5 allows you to make sure your system temperature is as it should be. This is basically a temperature monitor with some very handy features.The unit that encompasses all these features, and fits into a 5 1/4 drive bay, and doubles up as a hard drive cooler (with a single 40mm fan).

The Digital Doc fitted

All you need to do is place up to 8 of the provided temperature probes (2 x Flat, 6 x Bulb) around your case in places you would like to monitor for high temperatures (i.e, CPU, Memory, HSF, Hard Drive, and an ambient reading), then, a corresponding fan per probe. You can setup the unit so that a fan is activated at a certain temperature, or so it turns on automatically on startup.

There are a few reasons why this would be useful:

1) The CPU/Ram etc... are overclocked for maximum performance in games, and you have loads of fans to combat the heat generated. But, you want your fans to turn off when not using any CPU intensive programs.

The Digital Doc could turn on some 120mm case fans, only needed when the CPU temperature rises above 35oC.

2) The CPU/Ram are overclocked to the point of meltdown, and you want to make sure that the temperature doesn't go too high

The Digital Doc would scan all temperature probes, and if any were above a set level, a high pitched tone would be emitted, warning you of a problem.

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