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Trust 4000P Speaker System

Trust 4000P Speaker System Article Author : Ian
Date : 18th Sep 2003
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The 4000P system has no form of decoding (i.e DTS), which was to be expected in a system of this price range, simple three stereo jacks that connect to the "front", "rear" and "centre" on a 5.1 sound card.

No optical or digital inputs are provided on the unit, which is a great shame, as many sound cards now offer this facility for 5.1 systems. If you have a stereo only sound card (as most onboard ones are), you will have to use a forced "stereo" mode - basically mirroring the rear channels from the front. I would recommend making sure you have a suitable 5.1 card to take advantage of this speaker system.

Installation and Configuration

There are a lot of cables needed to connect this speaker system to your PC... 3 plugs to connect to the sound card, which in turn has 6 plugs that connect to the control box. Then, another 6 plugs to connect the sub and satellites!

The mountain of cable connections

The rear of the unit handles all of the cable connections, whilst the front as all of the control features. The rear also has a 40mm fan duct, but no fan - although this unit never got hot enough to appear to need one:

Rear of the unit

No drivers need to be installed, or anything similar, although you do need to configure your sound card to provide 5.1 surround sound (individual to each card).

I recommend thinking about speaker location when setting a system like this up, as it does make a big difference. Try to place the speakers in optimum locations, as suggested in the manual, but also use your common sense (for example, if it destroys the look of the room, or furniture needs moving).

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