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Apple iPod 20GB

Apple iPod 20GB Article Author : Chris Pickering
Date : 2nd Sep 2005
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It feels like the Apple iPod has been around forever doesn't it? Did we really used to wander around with a bulky CD player tucked into our coat pockets, and needing a little bag to carry around if we wanted to listen to a choice of albums? I guess we're all pretty lucky that these little hand held flash drives/hard drives are in such an abundance, and at a wide variety of costs to allow pretty much everyone who wants an easier way of taking their music on their everyday journeys.

The most instantly recognisable variety has to be Apple's iPod. The sleek white casing and click wheel instantly triggering something in the brain of those who haven't the faintest idea to what an iMac is.

The iPod themselves used to come in two separate incarnations. The one's solely for your music, and one sporting a colour screen so you can view your downloaded photographs on the move. Well now that's no more. Every single iPod released has this capability with this latest generation.

Viewing Photo Thumbnails on the iPod

  • 20GB hard drive
  • 5.08 cm (2 inches) (diagonal) 65,536-colour LCD with LED backlight
  • Frequency response: 20Hz to 20,000Hz
Included Items
  • 20GB iPod
  • iTunes for Mac and Windows
  • Earbud headphones
  • AC adaptor
  • USB 2.0 cable

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