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Your preferred retailer?

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      2nd Nov 2007
Do you have a retailer that you would normally use above others because of the service you have received?

I've started to use Aria in the past year (and sometimes Micro Direct) simply because they are within driving distance. However, if I came to ordering something online I wouldn't know who to use anymore It seems that the companies that were good a few years ago are the ones to avoid, and the ones that used to be poor are now good

I'd be really interested to know if you have a preferred place to buy online
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4x4 Cruncher
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      2nd Nov 2007
Novatech as their prices are good as is the all round service from them.
If i need something quickly then PCWorld - Buy on-line, get a discount and use their collect@store service.

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      2nd Nov 2007
Unfortunately folks experiences of the same company can differ greatly - you may have had no problems, but someone else does.

I tend to judge both on lack of problems, and also their ability and attitude when problems arise.

For instance, I have had few problems with OCUK - but I know their customer service attitude can frankly stink at times. My favourites these days tend to be Scan and Ebuyer, that doesn't mean they are faultless in their service, but they do seem to have more of a can-do attitude to sorting things out if things go wrong.

Like feckit I like Novatech too - just their prices are a tad higher in general compared to Scan/eBuyer - but their customer service is great, so I suppose you get what you pay for.

I also like Komplett and Kustom PC's too.....


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Crunchie Cat
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      2nd Nov 2007
I too, liked Novatech's service and the speed of their deliveries, Aria also. For more general things, such as music, DVDs, books or software, I use mostly Amazon (free delivery on orders of 15 if you are prepared to wait a bit longer) or Play.com, delivery free again, but even good old Woolworth is worth a click I ordered a hard-to-get CD from them and it was delivered within 2 days.
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      3rd Nov 2007
I have bought ALL of my pc stuff from www.overclockers.co.uk

I love their service!

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      3rd Nov 2007
I've said this before, OcUK have NEVER let me down. Buying, RMA's & Service have all been top dollar. I do use Kustom PC's and Ebuyer now and again, but OcUK are the first place i go/look.


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      3rd Nov 2007
More or less what Ady said.

I've mostly used OCUK, only problem I ever had was when one item wasn't in stock and they didn't deliver the whole lot and didn't tell me about non-delivery. That meant I stayed in all day for nothing Other than that, they've been good, quick RMA's and refunds for faulty goods.

However, I've noted other people's problems and I'm wary.

Lately have been using Scan and E-Buyer. I never thought I'd recommend E-Buyer but they seem to have turned around completely from the crap E-Tailer they were, let's hope it lasts.

And of course, as ever, if you want real service and don't mind paying a little more - Kustom PC's and Chillblast - by far the best online computer parts suppliers ever.

In my experience, of course

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      3rd Nov 2007
Aria and E-Buyer have been very good for me . overclockers ok but their packing was terrible once and their postage price is sky high for small items .

Rek-Teck of e-bay have given me some really good brand new bargins aswell but their postage is high for small items though they will bundle items where possible .


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      29th Dec 2007
For those of us who live in the States, Newegg.com is the standard all others try to meet.
I've had good service from Directron.com as well.

For brick and mortar stores: Microcenter had decent prices with excellent support and no hassle return policies.
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      29th Dec 2007
I have used and will continue using Amazon.co.uk for most of my stuff I buy on the internet, there customer service is great and exchanges and refunds are super quick..I have never had a problem with them in all my years of buying on the net..Hell they even refunded me on a faulty 7 month old creative Zen player, the full amount I paid which was 109 and the product was selling at 79 when they refunded me..Thats what I call customer service..

Another I use are play.com they give free delivery on everything so the price you see is the price you pay, and it turns up in just a couple of days which for free delivery is great..

CCL are still pretty good and when sending back a PSU recently bent over backwards to get me the right one..Mucks will vouch for these aswell as he uses them quite often also..

I'm still wary of ebuyer as I bought something from them about 5 months ago and it happened to be a second hand faulty product, It proved to me that they still restock the products that customers send back and repackage them, then send them back out as new and that ain't on in my book, so I stay well away! so far away that they are not even in my favourites.


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