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xp requirements

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      14th Oct 2004
what are the minimum requirements to install xp
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Carey Frisch [MVP]
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      14th Oct 2004
System Requirements for Windows XP Operating Systems

Carey Frisch
Microsoft MVP
Windows XP - Shell/User

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"Me" wrote:

| What are the minimum requirements to install XP?
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Ken Blake
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      14th Oct 2004
In news:10ef01c4b204$10578140$(E-Mail Removed),
me <(E-Mail Removed)> typed:

> what are the minimum requirements to install xp

The official minimum requirements are

233 MHz processor
1.5 GB HD

but as usual, those specs are nowhere near sufficient to do
anything useful with it.

More practical minimums are

400MHz processor
10GB HD.

Even there, performance will not be great, but the machine will
be usable.

Ken Blake - Microsoft MVP Windows: Shell/User
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Al Smith
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      14th Oct 2004
> what are the minimum requirements to install xp

I had it running on a computer with a P2 400MHz processor, with
128 megabytes of RAM, and a 20 gig hard drive, and it ran just
fine. No problems of any kind.

You don't want to go below a P2 in processor speed, and you
probably need at least 6 gigs of space on your hard drive for a
comfortable computing experience.

It will help if you turn off all the bells and whistles in XP
(i.e., turn off all the useless crap). Set XP to use minimum
resources, which will put you into the old-style Classic desktop.
The exception is "font smoothing" which you will want to turn back
on in order to have nice looking text.

How anyone can stand to keep the default desktop of XP is beyond
me, it is so freakin' ugly! I mean, it make Fisher-Price look like
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