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Winreg is not restricting acces to Remote Registry

Dave Berry
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      30th Aug 2004
I have modified the WINREG key on a remote Windows 2000
Professional workstation, so that only a user (user1), who
is not a member of local administrators (or any
administrative group)is added to the WINREG key located at

In additions there are no users listed under

Next, I run Regedit on my local computer, and connect to
the remote registry.

My question is: With only User1 added to the WINREG key,
why do I have full control to the remote registry's
HKEY_USERS hive? I am able to add without restruction
under .DEFAULT.

Thanks in Advance

Microsoft says that the permissions on this winreg key
determine who is
allowed to remotely connect to this registry. It also
says that you can put
addtional paths under the AllowedPaths subkey under winreg
if you don't want
to change the permissions of winreg. By doing this you
can allow certain
keys to be remotely accessible.

I have 2 computers that are in the same domain. Both are
NT Servers.

On machine A, I have only local administrators access to
the winreg key.
This would mean that only administrators of machine A
would be allowed to
remotely access the registry on that machine. Under the
winreg key, there
is the AllowedPaths key. For the value of Machine under
this key, I added
the path to the following key "Software\test" which is a
key on machine A
that has everyone access to it.

Now, on machine B, I am logged onto the machine as a
domain user, who is not
an administrator of machine A. According to MS
documentation, since
"Software\test" is listed in the AllowedPaths key, I
should be able to
access it remotely. Unfortunately, I cannot, I can
connect to the registry
on machine A using regedt32 but can only open the HKLM
key. Everything
under there, is greyed out and I cannot access it.

Can anyone help me with this? I am trying to access a key
on the remote
machine without changing the permissions on the winreg key.


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