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windows 2000 need a driver compatible with generic text epson printer driver in

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      12th Sep 2003

I am using two OTC printers in my office.
We use a generic text-only driver from Epson.
All was working fine with Windows 98 but with windows 2000
data is not printing properly.
Lines are shifting towards left sometimes.
But the same data is printing fine in 98.
So,its not the printer problem but a driver problem.
Can u suggest any drivers for Windows2000 for ur printers
that work on fine.

Please help !
I have already contacted u before twice.

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Wolf Kirchmeir
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      12th Sep 2003
On Fri, 12 Sep 2003 09:07:10 -0700, Madhu wrote:

=>So, its not the printer problem but a driver problem.
=>Can u suggest any drivers for Windows2000 for ur printers
=>that work on fine.

Get the drivers for the printer model(s) that you own. Go
to the manufacturer's website, and look for W2K drivers for
your printer model(s). They're free.

Whether you print pure text or formatted text depends on
the application - at least it does in WordPerfect (I don't
know about Word, I tried Word 5 or 6 some time ago and
found it was a PITA to use, and it wouldn't read Word 3 or
4 files or Wordpad , or something dumb-ass stupid like
that, so I trashed it.) In WordPerfect, you choose ASCII
text output, if that's what you want.

If you are talking about some way of forcing the printer to
print plain text in some specified font, regardless of what
the user specifies, AFAIK there ain't no such animal. The
application rules - after all, the designers of the
programs assume that the user knows what he or she wants
the printout to look like.

If the lines of text don't line up, then someone isn't
using the word-processor properly, such as spacing or
tabbing to reach the next line instead of using Enter. My
wife kept having that problem -- she also kept hitting
Enter to reach the next page instead of using a "hard page"
to force a page-break. Or she used spaces to make columns
(instead of using Tabs or creating Tables). And so forth.
There are all kinds of reasons why pure text won't print
the same way as it shows on the screen, which after all
shows formatted text, not pure text. The reasons are almost
always traceable to the user, not the hardware or the


Wolf Kirchmeir
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(Garrison Keillor)
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