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WCG Stats in Opera

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      11th Jan 2008

After changing web browsers to Opera today, after trialling it for a while, I thought it was the perfect replacement for IE & FF, for various reasons, thought I'd checked everything looked and worked the same in this browser, but then I see this:


P.S. After writing this post, I've now discovered all the formatting doesn't work. For example, all the formatting tools above the place I'm typing in now don't have any effect, nor do the smilies. Image inserting also doesn't work!

P.P.S. This isn't really a big problem now as I've found another problem with Opera while uploading that image to Freewebs, so I won't be using it for much longer, but I still thought you should know of a possible site incompatibility.

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      11th Jan 2008
Thanks for the feedback on Opera compatibility It looks like Opera doesn't take into account the min-width properties of the quote boxes, and forces it to fit within the browser window.

I'm not sure if I can fix this problem unfortunately as it sounds like one of the Opera quirks

If lots of Opera users started to read the WCG page then I may have to re-do something, but as you are switching from it I won't touch the coding
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