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The Very First Computer Bug

Yorkshire Cruncher
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      10th Sep 2012
The photo shows the paperwork relating to the world's very first computer bug in 1945.

Really interesting.

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The Very First Computer Bug-first-bug.jpg  

System Spec

Colossus 1943 Version 1.0
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      10th Sep 2012
Ha ha, that's a good find!

"Other girl's luxuries are my necessities, so buddy, beware!"
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Abarbarian's Avatar
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      10th Sep 2012
Moth interesting


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Crunchie Cat
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      10th Sep 2012
That's really good.
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Member Extraordinaire
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      10th Sep 2012
There was me thinking everyone actually knew the very first computer bug was actually a bug in the system and they had to fish it out..


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4x4 Cruncher
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      10th Sep 2012

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sugar 'n spikes
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      11th Sep 2012
When I used to fix things for schools, was once given an overhead projector to fix that kept blowing bulbs.

When I opened it up there was a dead mouse wedged in the cooling fan, stopping it's rotation.

Then there was the doggy wee-wee in a VCR and lastly - a bug! Cockroaches in a cassette deck.

These were rare occasions but I did wonder about some of those London schools.

Don Van Vliet 1941 - 2010. And the acid gold bar swirled up and down, up and down.
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Silly Fool
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      11th Sep 2012
A few years back I bought an old Playstation 1 from a friend. Sometimes the disks would skip,and sometimes not spin at all. So I opened it up and the inside was caked in cockroach eggs and dead cockroaches. Needless to say I have never stepped foot in said friends house since then
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