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This VB question must have a simple answer...

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      19th Jan 2010
Hi! I'm a determined novice.

I have a situation where customer service folks are not recording claim numbers. A Customer Call In Rept. (Excel sheet) has a "Date Closed" field that is a catalyst for generating their commission.

I want to make the Date Closed field (cell "E74" below) uneditable until they fill in the Claim Number Field (cell "W66" below) with a claim # or Not Applicable or something that shows they've at least acknowledged it.

I have a prompt in the Claim Number field that states either "See Note Below" or "Type Claim Number Here" (redundant, I know) and, in VB, I can get the Date Closed field to not allow editing if that message is in it. The issue is, once I type in a claim number, I can't get the Date Closed field to allow editing.

Below is what I have:

Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Excel.Range)

If Range("W66")= "See Note Below" Or Range("W66") = "Type Claim Number Here" Then

Range("E74") = "Complete Claim # Section (if applicable) Before Entering Date"

ElseIf Range("W66") <> "Type Claim Number Here" Or Range("W66") <> "See Note Below" Then

Range ("E74")what do I use here?

End If

End Sub


1) What do I use after ("E74") to allow editing? (AllowEdit command gives me a property error)

2) Does it look like I have all my commands in order so I won't get any compile errors? Is there a 'tidier' way to approach this?

Thank you very very much!
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