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[Update] IPNetInfo v1.01

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      22nd Oct 2004
IPNetInfo v1.01

Overview :

IPNetInfo is a small utility that allows you to easily find all
available information about an IP address: The owner of the IP address,
the country/state name, IP addresses range, contact information
(address, phone, fax, and email), and more. This utility can be very
useful for finding the origin of unsolicited mail. You can simply copy
the message headers from your email software and paste them into
IPNetInfo utility. IPNetInfo automatically extracts all IP addresses
from the message headers, and displays the information about these IP

What's New:

Fixed small bug: IP addresses appears in email format (email@IPAddress)
are now parsed properly.

Homepage: http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/ipnetinfo.html

For related software, check out:

Kind regards,


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Richard Steven Hack
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      23rd Oct 2004
On 22 Oct 2004 07:50:18 -0700, "ArjanDotOrg" <(E-Mail Removed)>

>IPNetInfo v1.01
>This utility can be very
>useful for finding the origin of unsolicited mail. You can simply copy
>the message headers from your email software and paste them into
>IPNetInfo utility.

And you'll get the address of some compromised PC owned by someone
without a clue who has never heard of the spammer.

It is estimated that 60% or more of spam is coming from "zombie" PC's
under the control of spammer viruses/trojans.

So it's waste of time to try to track spam back to its source - you
can't unless you're very, very good and have better tools than this.

Richard Steven Hack
"Whatever does not kill me makes me stronger" -
and YOU have not killed me!
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