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Uncheck all checkboxes on update

New Member
Join Date: Feb 2012
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      2nd Feb 2012
Hi there,
I have a form with about 14 checkboxes (but they are purely labels, not associated with anything)...When a user clicks on one, it brings up another form for additional information and stored in another table.

When the user is done, they click Submit, and I need ALL checkboxes to go back to False. I have seen users suggesting an update query but my checkboxes are LABELS so I can't put a table in the query.

I was thinking of putting some VBA code in the OnClick event of "Submit"...Something like
For i= # to #
me.checkbox(i) = false
Next i

However that doesn't work. Any suggestions?
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New Member
Join Date: Feb 2012
Posts: 5
      2nd Feb 2012
Well no one answered but I was able to code a solution for anyone interested.
In the Click() event for my Submit button I put the following code after my "New record" command

For Each Control In Form.Controls 'Clear all form checkboxes on Submit
If Control.ControlType = acCheckBox Then
Control.value = False
End If
Next Control

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